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This Time Telenor’s Tameer Bank Gets Hacked

This Time Telenors Tameer Bank Gets Hacked
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 22, 2013 – After exploiting the banking industry, Xploiter – the hacker, now enters the Pakistani telecom industry, target Telenor’s Tameer Bank. Xploiter, the recent hacker sensation, has defaced the top four banking organizations of the country. Habib Bank, Allied Bank, Soneri Bank and PKNIC were some of the victims. However, as the hacker’s network grows, it has now taken over Telenor by revealing its online databases, jeopardizing the operations of the company and also bringing it bad name. Tameer Bank, running as a sub-division of Telenor, was targeted recently. The bank currently has Pakistan’s largest branchless-banking networks running in the country. The hacker maintained its message to improve online security, leaving messages on the bank’s website. Pakistan has recently been targeted, being victimized as part of the online crime network. While security measures and recovery procedures have been incorporated into website and other connected interfaces, hacking once again takes centre stage.

In conversation with Azfar Nizami

In conversation with Azfar Nizami

Azfar Nizami,the Marketing Director of Daily Express and Express Tribune, talks about how they took up the challenge to launch an English newspaper in Pakistan with low literacy rate and readership.

He has to his credit the distinction of serving the newspaper and making it what it is today.

Synergyzer: Why was Tribune brought to Pakistan?

Azfar: We launched Express Tribune in affiliation with the International Herald Tribune.

The reason was the need for credibility and distinguished quality in terms of design and reader friendliness, compared to existing newspapers in Pakistan.

Synergyzer: What is your opinion on the readership and advertising trends in the print media industry in Pakistan?

Azfar: There is a preconceived notion that newspapers readership has decreased. However, I tend to disagree since other newspapers and magazines, even internationally renowned ones have started publishing here and more are expected to establish themselves.

There may be a small decline since the urban youth is more interested in the digital medium, but it is not significantly affecting newspaper sales.

We should realize that comparing Pakistan to European & USA markets is rather farfetched since those markets are extensively developed with widespread access to internet that has translated into decline in readership there.

Also, even with the influx of news channels, newspapers and magazines provide details that TV does not.

Moreover, to address the urban youth in the Express Tribune, we are encouraging them to play a more active role through inviting their editorial content and views and promoting the newspaper through activities in different educational institutes.

As far as advertising is concerned, there has been a reduction by about 6 – 8%, since economic growth has slowed down.

The notion that the print medium is becoming obsolete doesn’t hold any ground.

Synergyzer: Considering speculations about declining readership, are there any researches to give a clearer picture?

Azfar: No, but there is a dire need for a national readership survey to take place to deduce the exact readership in Pakistan.

Different media houses initiate researches on their own, but authenticity remains an issue.

Synergyzer: Is the print media industry doing anything to uplift its image of losing readership and advertising share?

Azfar: I believe the All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) devised a campaign for readers and the corporate sector on the importance of print media that was advertised in various newspapers sometime back.

Again, unless we don’t know the actual nationwide readership numbers steps can’t be taken to address the issue properly.

Synergyzer: What has been the impact of increasing paper costs on the readership? Can we look forward to any initiatives to reduce or subsidize newspaper costs?

Azfar: Newspaper publishers decrease circulation and bear the major portion of the cost on their own. There is hardly any effect on consumers, except for minimal price increases.

See, we buy paper from the international market; hence prices are already set in terms of exchange rate. As yet, there are no subsidies or reduction on the cards.

Synergyzer: Have there been any innovations in the newspaper industry?

Azfar: The quality of color and printing has improved majorly. For instance, you don’t see any black ink running out anymore.

Pakistan Today launched in a smaller format than the regular broadsheet size newspaper, which saves cost. Colored printing is more presentable now, although costly.

Synergyzer: In your opinion, does the Pakistani urban market hold any scope for technology like e-book readers & iPads?

Azfar: Currently, these gadgets are for a niche market in Pakistan since they are expensive and developing applications for them is not a feasible option.

Such adaptations will become widespread in Pakistan, but there are still some 5 to 7 odd years to it.

Meanwhile, all newspapers have e-papers or online news portals to cater to tech savvy consumers who are growing day by day. The Express Tribune has a very interactive website to encourage participation from this group.

Synergyzer: What do you believe are the reading habits of urban youth? Are they being catered to?

Azfar: From what we have observed, young readers are mostly interested in sports, lifestyle and entertainment, with hardly any inclination towards politics and current affairs.

To cater to them, Express launched a sports section spanning two pages.

The Express Tribune website has a vibrant lifestyle section and other youth-related content which is updated every day. Our paper also carries content for them daily.

Synergyzer: Do you think that young readers are losing interest in the print medium? Will accessibility through the digital medium increase their interest?

Azfar: There is widespread debate about the readership of various conventional newspapers.

The youth looks for change and vibrancy, and that is where the print medium extends its accessibility to the digital medium.

The Express Tribune website is designed for them, with content revolving around their achievements. Our Comments section online is proof to the interest that youngsters have in our online news medium.

Synergyzer: Do you think there is scope for magazines on sports, music and other lifestyle genres in Pakistan?

Azfar: Definitely. But do keep in mind that Urdu newspapers have 97% circulation, while English newspapers are read by only 3% of the market.

Magazines may initially get a similar response, yet youngsters have so much exposure they want quality magazines with content.

In my opinion, the advertisers are open to such ventures since 60% of our population comprises of people between the ages of 15 to 44 years.

Synergyzer: In your opinion, is there a greater focus on television channels versus print media from the owners of media conglomerates? Is print media being allowed to stagnate?

Azfar: No, they are both equally important. Although, when it comes to advertising, print media has its limitations in effectively executing ideas in Pakistan, which is why TV gets advertiser preference.

This can be addressed by employing creative advertising within this medium.

An example can be the talking adverts being used in the Times of India. Even though it’s costly, such creativity will not just reverse the exodus of readership from print to internet, but also increase readership.

Such creativity is pivotal for not just the continued survival of print media but its longevity.

Green Coke launched exclusively in Argentina

Green Coke launched exclusively in Argentina
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 21st, 2013 – Coca Cola launched its green soda beverage in Argentina as part of their corporate social responsibility program.

Coca Cola goes green in the country.

The new label – titled Coca Cola Life – has been launched with a green colored logo and packaged in the traditional PET plastic bottle.  The bottle is made of 30% plastic and completely recyclable.

The beverage contains 108 calories, falling between the 250 calories in the regular Coke and no calories in Diet Coke.  With natural sweeteners and lesser preservatives, it is expected for the beverage to do good progress in the Argentinean market.

With catchy billboards and promotions taking place in the industry, Coca Cola is rendering a service to the people and the community.

The green beverage is expected to add to the company’s initiative of ‘spreading happiness’ and has been introduced in other countries such as Australia.

Coke’s top management is engrossed into producing environment-friendly products.  The brand is dedicated towards improving its position with the company’s focus based on the community, environment and the people.

Abrar ul Haque’s Preeto – Song sensation to designer lawn

Abrar ul Haques Preeto

Preeto by Abrar-ul-Haque has been around since 2011, when the clothing brand was launched by the famous singer. The brand name is inspired from his famous song.

The brand Preeto is known for its casual wear collections which have been regularly launched season after season for the last two years. News is in the air is that Preeto is coming with designer lawn to be launched under the umbrella of Portia Fabrics.

Over the years, it has been interesting to see a number of celebrities entering the clothing business with their own brands. Whether it is Junaid Jamshed with J.J, Shahid Afridi with Widyaan, Hadiqa Kiani with Hadiqa Kiani Lawn, or Nadia Khan with Nadia Khan Lawn and so on, all have focused on bringing something different to the picky consumer.

We see all kinds of celebrities, from musicians to TV show hosts to actors to sportsmen in the clothing business.

The question is why clothing business?

The recent lawn craze and the hype of designer lawns, makes the clothing business very profitable and the best thing is that the brand becomes famous overnight, riding on the stardom of the celebrity.

The celebrities leverage their value as a brand to their clothing lines. Another deciding factor behind celebrities entering business is the short duration of stardom. It is profitable for them to realize that business has a more stable ground as compared to being a celebrity.

In terms of the brand identity, the business automatically takes the identity of the owner. So Preeto is “shokh and chanchal “, J.J is shy and sophisticated, Nadia Khan lawn is bright and confident, all the brands adapting the associated celebrity’s personality.

It means the celebrities don’t have to work hard on building their clothing line’s identity. They extend their personality to their business and it is good to go. These celebrities already have fans and their attention is easily deviated in the direction that the star wants.

It also makes it possible for the new brand to stand out among the scores of clothing businesses.

These business brands extend the life of the celebrity brand as well. A successful brand goes a long way, even after the celebrity brand may have diminshed in value.

The cycle reverses, from celebrity giving brand value to their businesses to celebrity gaining value from business brand.

Who next is going to enter the hyped lawn business next? Let’ wait and watch.



Rafi H Abidi, Founder and CEO, Outdoor Advertising Assets says “…mockups, cutouts or billboards constitute tried and tested methods of OOH advertising which are being re-utilized.” Let’s see what else he shared with us.

Synergyzer: Tell us about your experience.

Rafi H. Abidi: I studied Civil Engineering, but never practiced it. I have mostly been self-employed, starting with launching an advertising agency by the name of Time & Vision which was a family business.

Later, outdoor media gained my attention as I noticed a dearth in the industry for effective communication, which causes massive delays in operations, coupled with lack of research.

With that idea in mind, I initiated Sign Source in partnership and for the past decade or so, we kept adding smaller sub divisions to the company for sports marketing and transit media.

In 2008, we consolidated all those divisions into Fiber Tech media.

Currently, I am a shareholder at Sign Source and about to start another company of my own called Outdoor Advertising Assets (OAA).

So at OOA, we’re trying to consolidate the missing elements and make everything available to advertisers.

Synergyzer: What were the highlights of 2011 for the outdoor media industry in Pakistan?

Rafi: The industry has remained stagnant for a few years. There were certain governmental instructions like the one to cut electricity for billboards to conserve power that resulted in loss of revenue for the industry and to this day, many billboards remain without electricity.

But such instructions proved to be quite beneficial as this prompted the industry to explore other solutions, such as ensuring visibility even during the night by employing reflective skins and relatively lesser power consuming options like cutouts with generator-powered LED lights, backlit vans etc.

Also, the Sindh Advertiser Association for OOH has been consolidated which allows advertisers to voice out their concerns and opinions on a unified platform.

Synergyzer: Do you think outdoor media is innovating in our country?

Rafi: As far as mockups, cutouts or billboards are concerned, these constitute the tried and tested manners of OOH advertising which are being re-utilized. For example, cutouts have always been present in cinemas to promote films.

The world is moving on a completely new tangent as far as innovation is concerned with technology as a vital component. Pakistan, on the other hand, has gotten stuck in a vicious cycle of stagnation.

Moreover, marketers do not have the essential information required to make more target specific campaigns as there is no on-ground research being carried out. Also, it is important to take into consideration ethical practices in advertising when devising a campaign.

Synergyzer: Please give some examples of innovations in outdoor advertising happening internationally.

Rafi: Innovative solutions are not possible without the infusion of technology and with an enhanced sense of creativity.

For example, in Singapore, there were two outlets competing for maximum sales. One outlet utilized OOH advertising creatively, allowing people to scan codes from billboards giving them all the information they needed about products on their smartphones.

These sort of examples speak volumes about how technology is being utilized to its maximum capacity but given the speed in which technology innovates itself, the maximum potential of technology today is half the potential of technology tomorrow.

Synergyzer: What is the cost difference between vinyl-based billboards and reflective surface billboards that are a more current norm? What about brand mockups?

Rafi: There is around 600% difference. A regular front lit would cost anywhere between Rs. 15-23, whereas the reflective ones would start around Rs. 110-150/sq ft.

A cutout or mockup would probably cost between Rs.10-20 thousand.

Synergyzer: How long is the production time for these new solutions? Is it different from earlier when there were just vinyl skins for billboards?

Rafi: It takes two to three days on average. Skin printing is a process which doesn’t take more than a few hours and with the structure already in place all that is required is to stretch the skin onto it.

New solutions naturally require more work as they require a higher degree of manual involvement.

Synergyzer: What is the average duration for which a brand is displayed through a billboard? Is it different for mock ups?

Rafi: For mockups, usually it depends on the campaign but the rentals charged by the city government or cantonment bodies are for a week and can be renewed.

Billboards have permanent feature licenses usually awarded for one year.

The campaign duration in this day and age should not be for more than a month because after that people stop noticing it.

The average duration of a campaign these days is approximately a month, in some cases it can even go to three months to a quarter.

Synergyzer: How much is spent on outdoor advertising outside Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad (KLI)?

Rafi: As I stated before, we are unaware of the exact resource allocation in OOH advertising although it’s an industry worth Rs.30 billion.

However, there are estimates which place OOH allocation outside KLI to somewhere between 2.5%-18%, which is hugely varied.

Synergyzer: There are a number of political billboards and banners placed on commercial brand displays. Who pays for them?

Rafi: Usually nobody pays for them, but I am sure there are certain political parties which are more ethical compared to the rest who do pay for acquiring billboard spaces during their political campaigns.

Synergyzer: Is there any method being planned to track OOH advertising?

Rafi: We are planning to start a tracking system. We have created a lot of functions and tools for marketers to track the reach and the efficiency of their OOH advertising which will be available in all metropolitan cities of Pakistan.

Synergyzer: Are the present laws for outdoor advertising conducive to business growth?

Rafi: There are governing bodies within every city with each one maintaining a different set of laws in their jurisdictions.

There is no uniform set of laws which is held true throughout Pakistan. This hampers the efficacy of the OOH industry.

Synergyzer: Are there any platforms for OOH businesses to address their issues?

Rafi: Every city in Pakistan has at least a couple of such associations, with each one having their own charter, which have yet to be followed.

This way, there are some efforts being carried out to bring outdoor media businesses together on a unified platform, but they are still away from achieving what they have planned.

Social Media: Is it really a FAD or not!!

Social media is it

Is facebook following, really that big of a deal for brands? Not surprisingly, YES it is! In justification; social media presence – be it twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn – has become a vitality for businesses.. Before the internet became “main-stream”, advertising agencies had to capture the attention of the masses via TV and radio commercials and billboards, now there is an almost endless playground of digital space with which they can gaily influence users to part with their hard earned cash. With an active facade on social media, like active posting, consistent status updates for a business, or even encouraging customer reviews on social media sites can do a lot to increase traffic, consequentially income. Social Media is nothing new, it may be a technological evolution but it dates way back to the very old innate ‘human impulse’ – Humans love to talk; See what our friends family are up to, mingle – interfere, and that is what social media actually is, a modern method of connection. Therefore social media is the 21st century tool for accomplishing an essential human function, forming links, grabbing attention, therefore making businesses grow. In Pakistan, where we have reached a count of almost 9 million facebook users, brand’s image, popularity simultaneously ‘viral-ity’ is a point to ponder. Talking of Social media and Pakistan, a recent survey conducted by Social Bakers (www.socialbakers.com) listed down the “Top facebook brands by number of local fans”;

Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8

Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8
By Rasheeda Sohail

Nokia introduce its new Lumia 1020, its latest addition in the camera phone market. The highlight of the new phone is its 41MP imaging sensor, this technology debuted in the 808 PureView phone.

The new technology of 8OS along with Ziess six element lens and improved image processing are available in the new phone. The dual image feature makes it possible to zoom in and out without destroying the original picture.

Optical image stabilization is another feature of the phone. This feature present in Lumia 925 as well has a much more refined quality available in this phone.

Pro Cam is another snippet of the phone. It is a manual camera controlled application developed by Nokia itself.

Manual camera controls include ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, white balance and manual focus.  Nokia collaborated with Hipstamatic in which the camera app maker will launch Oggl Pro alongside the release of the Lumia 1020.

Additional features include a snap-on camera grip that provides a shutter release, tripod socket and a sculpted hand grip. A snap-on wireles charging shell, as seen on previous Lumia models will be available as well.

The phone is said to have many colour schemes. The company confirmed that Lumia 1020 will be available in China and Europe very soon.

This new technology could be one bolting step towards new smart phones that keep on getting better with time.


Following Samsung’s footsteps: Presenting the new HTC Mini

Following Samsungs footsteps Presenting the new HTC Mini
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 19, 2013 – HTC has launched a mini version of their popular HTC One Smartphone.

The product has been targeted towards consumers which are not impressed with a supersized phone and enjoy convenience.

In terms of appearance, HTC One mini is remarkably similar to its original derivative.

With active features – both hardware and software – HTC Mini is sure to swoon away the upper and middle segment of customers.

Amongst the most important features is the 4.3 ultrapixel camera taken from the HTC One.

The mini version is sure to make success with this one important feature, appealing both current and potential customers. HTC has been a strong brand name in the mobile phone industry.

The brand understands how Samsung and other phone are launching mini versions of Smartphones, in order to capture a larger market. This is because the mini version is much smaller in comparison to the original phone and has substantial features, appealing to a user’s liking.

Entering this September, the mini version of HTC One is expected to make good business.

Warid introduces Zakat Calculator App

Warid introduces Zakat Calculator App
By Ufaq Ashfaque
JULY 19, 2013 – Telecom service provider Warid enters the digital marketing zone by launching its Zakat Calculator application. Launched during Ramadan, this application has been embedded for users that require first-hand knowledge about Zakat. The Warid Zakat Calculator provides a detailed, calculated analysis of Zakat, a certain percentage of alms and deductions. People tend to usually struggle with the amount of money that they are supposed to donate to the needy. The calculator will help calculate the amount that a person is liable to pay. Apart from this, the application provides information related to the composition of Zakat, significance of duty and departing knowledge for self-improvement and analysis. With the Zakat Calculator, Warid has entered as the first telecom service provider, targeting customers through digital media. Also, people are now aware of the significance of Zakat and that too with accurate calculations. Warid has played on it and has managed to inculcate the concept of the greater good, bringing people closer to religion during Ramadan.


Junaid Jamshed opens its new store in Bahawalpur

Junaid Jamshed opens its new store in Bahawalpur
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 19, 2013 – Pakistani apparel brand Junaid Jamshed opened its doors to Bahawalpur today at 3pm. The brand is expanding its business across Pakistan, capturing new market segments and targeting new customers. These customers used to travel miles to buy a J. lawn suit but now it will be available in their neighborhood. Junaid Jamshed started its adventure in Karachi and has reached cities like Sargodha, Abbottabad, Mirpur, Hyderabad and so on. Opening near Sui Gas Office, the new store is offering a 10% discount for walk-in customers, lasting from the launch date to July 21. Junaid Jamshed launched this new store during the month of Ramadan season to capitalize on the Eid season and create word of mouth marketing for the brand. With a variety of new clothes and items offered, it would be able to tap into the unique market segments, competing against local names in Bahawalpur and establishing the branded apparel category.

Samsung launches new campaign

Samsung launches new campaign
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 19, 2013 – Samsung launched their new ‘Smart Summer’ beginning this sunny season. All Samsung users now have a chance to enter a competition and win prizes.

Samsung is offering a grand prize of a trip to Singapore, Thailand, Universal Studios and even Legoland. Also, a grand prize of Samsung LCD TV and weekly prizes of different accessories, phones and gadgets to winners are being kept for users to enter the competition.

The three-step competition is surely to attract maximum number of people. Participants are required to register themselves at 0800-SAMSUNG (72678) with their Samsung phones and enter competitions, in order for a chance to win all the above mentioned prizes.

With the launch of this new and exciting campaign, Samsung will manage to strengthen its position in the online market and also strengthen its market position among current users. Samsung has launched multiple products that have swept the Smartphone industry off their feet. With unique gadgets and creative ideas, Samsung has raised the bar and gained instant success.

Olper’s ‘Fulfill Her Dream’ Ramadan Campaign

Olpers Fulfill Her Dream Ramadan Campaign
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 19, 2013 -Pakistan’s one of the leading dairy brand Olpers launched ‘Fulfill Her Dream’ Campaign during this Ramazan. They introduced four different packaging, each package depicting a separate province.

The revenue generated through sales of these limited edition packaging would be spent on the betterment of women in rural areas.

The underlying objective for this campaign was to aid women living in the rural areas of Pakistan, offering a helping hand in farming and also educating them to excel in rearing fields.

Consumers of Olpers have been asked to drop their empty packages of Olper’s milk onto designated outlets. The receipts gained would then be used into helping women living in the rural areas.

The TVC includes big names like Faryal Gohar, Tina Sani, Ayesha Khan and Sarwat Gillani, who are shown going into villages to help bring improvement.

To further advance their efforts and promote their cause, Olper’s now looks ahead towards establishing itself on social media.

With a Facebook application, each user would design customized cover photos and spread the word.

Olper’s new initiative provides rural women a chance to focus on producing improved quality of milk, cattle rearing, food consumption and taking care of cows and improved extraction processes that would efficiently add to Olper’s team.

Samsung unveils new 5.8 inch tablet

Samsung unveils new 5 8 inch tablet
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 17, 2013 – As a note of expanding business operations and creating more products to target new segments and consumer, Samsung launched the new Samsung Galaxy Mega to the Nigerian Audience.
As the name suggests, the Smartphone is the largest in the entire industry, packed with the latest features of previous versions of Samsung and covers the operations of a tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Mega has a 5.8-inch HD screen that would allow people to have a wide-screen experience.  However, as much as the screen is, the width of the phone is ultra thin, easily adjusting and fitting to the palm of the user in one hand.
It has a built-in memory of 8GB and an additional card slot of 64GB and the phone is capable of storing multiple movies, videos, without the user worrying about memory issues and storage.
The most basic feature that has consumers talking is the dual SIM feature; with two SIM cards running on one charged, users are now free from the hassle of carrying multiple phones.
Samsung wanted to cater to an audience that wishes to get the most out of their Smartphone.
With a variety of features embedded into Galaxy Mega, the phone would gain a strong position in the Nigerian segment, attracting more customers worldwide.

Airtel : Special Ramadan Offer

Airtel Special Ramadan Offer
By Anum Saeed

July 17 – Airtel Nigeria came up with special Ramadan offerings to help customers connect to families and loved ones at affordable rates and also lift their spiritual well-being with inspirational Islamic quotes during the Holy month of Ramadan.

A statement issued in Lagos, Nigeria indicated that customers can receive inspiring and informative services from Airtel by simply dialling *786#. It was further stated that subscribers can also enjoy cheap international call rates to select destinations worldwide.

“Customers will enjoy include prayers from Mecca – offered for free for 5 days. With this service, customers will be able to join their Muslim Faithful in Mecca as they pray to Allah during this Ramadan,” the statement stated.

Other services being offered include:  free of charge rules for fasting, Dua, Hadith, Sahur and lots more for five days. To subscribe to the special Airtel Ramadan packages and to access all the contents and applicable charges, customers are required to select from the respective menu options after entering the code.

“We have carefully balanced the benefits not just with the Islamic content alone but also on the direct voice, SMS, data and roaming services which when combined, would further educate, inspire and above all, enhance communication and bonding between our Muslim brothers and sisters across the country and in the Diasporas”, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) stated.

COO and Executive Director of the company, Deepak Srivastava, told that the purpose for the Islamic season would be further enhanced with the Airtel Ramadan offer as every customer that subscribes to any of these services would be uplifted to a great extent.

Gucci To Help Tsunami Victims In Collaboration With Sendai Artisan

Gucci To Help Tsunami Victims In Collaboration With Sendai Artisan

July 17 – Gucci collaborated with Japanese silk manufacturer Yoshio Koda, to produce an exclusive series of bags whose profits will go for the rehabilitation of survivors of earthquake and tsunami that hit Great East Japan in 2011.

Each bag is priced at 420,000 which are made with silk sendaihira, a valuable material dating from the Edo period (1603-1867) which was donated by a local craftsman.

Sendaihira is a handmade silk that has been traditionally used to make “hakama” trousers for males.

The master artisan also gave a measurement of around 11m and 34 cm, of sendaihara-made silk to Gucci. The valuable material cost several million yen which was incorporated by Gucci as the expensive fabric into their bags and accessories.

“It is  a great honor for me that my skill will become a bridge for exchange between Sendai and Italy, and that I can contribute to reconstruction from the disaster,” a Japanese newspaper Yomiuri quoted Koda.

Gucci is not the first bag-producer that has used the craft in providing assistance to the victims of the great earthquake, 2011. A Minami-Aoyama based apparel store has also joined hands with Minamisanriku in Miyagi Prefecture for the rebuilding of the town.

The house of Gucci has also collaborated with Manga artist Hirohiko Araki for a part of its collection.


Zong takes the lead in the telecom industry

Zong takes the lead in the telecom industry
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 16, 2013 – Zong is making a strong position in the market, attracting potential customers in the country, according to Business Recorder.

Recently, the brand has managed to engage customers with their new ad where users get a chance to perform Hajj this year.

They further acclaimed it by bringing Junaid Jamshed as a celebrity endorsement to captivate the audience’s attention.  With this, Zong is able to compete against other labels and make way for achieving recognition and customer reception.

Operating as part of the parent brand China Mobile, Zong looks ahead towards expanding its business and further introduces new tariffs, packages and activities that would cater to more clients in the country.

One of the major factors that have contributed towards Zong’s current market standing is the poorly performing players in the industry.

With big names such as Warid and Ufone losing customers and subscribers, Zong stood at 9.2 million subscribers in the year 2010, compared to 3.33 new subscribers for Ufone and 1.72 million users for Telenor.

Zong looks ahead to further work on its strategies and tactics, not only to increase its market share, but also make good name and earn customer loyalty. The brand is looking for customers that require quality service and budget-friendly packages.

Lipton Organizes Outdoor Marketing Campaign to Promote its Iced Tea

Lipton organizes outdoor marketing campaign to promote its Iced Tea
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 16, 2013 – Lipton Iced Tea will support MLB Home Run Derby with its online brand activation held this month.

The parent brand has managed to associate most of its products in multiple sponsorships, such as Gatorade, Aquafina and Pepsi Cola itself.

The company now looks ahead to penetrate its Iced tea into different market segments.

In order for this unique product category to progress further and become a product of high consumption, we see aggressive marketing moves by Lipton.

Before launching this campaign, Lipton Iced Tea has been promoted on multiple occasions.  The famous Lipton Ice Tea-mometer launched in the South Africa was an effective stunt, where people were given free samples of Iced Tea depending on their body temperature.

Another campaign launched by the brand was when Lipton Iced Tea went viral, where the brand got a chance to strengthen their online presence.

Such outdoor activities and brand promotions have given Lipton Iced Tea a share of the customer’s mind, which would help accelerate the brand and its position.

Zong establishes state-of-the-art computer lab

Zong establishes state of the art computer lab
By Ufaq Ashfaque


ISLAMABAD, July 16 – Pakistan’s leading telecom service provider Zong launched a technologically advanced computer lab at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Wah, located 30 km away from Rawalpindi.
The 30-node infrastructure would help progress some of the most important aspects that have been provided for students to create projects of computer engineering and developing their projects using the facility.
In addition to this, students would also be given the access to Wi-Fi networks where they would be able to connect with one another for educational purposes and also keep connected at all times.
Zong’s recently launched service ‘Circle’ would allow students to stay connected with friends at all times and utilize pocket-friendly SMS bundles.
The laboratory would be used strictly for educational purposes, experimentation and testing that would allow students to reap knowledge.  Its custody would rest with Zong, which would be transferred to the institution after three years.
Such initiatives, not only allow students to grow, but bridge the gap between developed and developing countries with the intervention of technology and knowledge exchange.

PepsiMax turns magical

PepsiMax turns magical
By Ufaq Ashfaque
JULY 16, 2013 – PepsiMax takes packaging a step further by creating a hybrid of traditional and digital mode of communication.  Consumers of PepsiMax now have a chance to witness Dynamo, world-class magician, performing live inside their bottles.
In order for this to work, drinkers would ‘blip’ the PepsiMax application onto their bottle, bringing the magician alive.
With this application, consumers will be able to witness the tricks performed by Dynamo and also stay updated to PepsiMax’s wesbite, where consumers can view content, watch video and enter competitions with a chance to win an Audi car, along with Sony mobile phones.
Pepsi Max has taken the loyalty of customers to a whole new level and is expected to swoon away all its fans with this unique packaging.
According to PepsiMax’s digital marketing manager Aman Matharu, the company not only provides for a strong position in the advertising and packaging industry, but also has brought consumer engagement to a next level.
Matharu is positive that the new packaging will ‘blow the fans away’.  Are you excited about the packaging? Let us know through your comments.


Twitter app on the Blackberry Z10 gets major update

Twitter app on the Blackberry Z10 gets major update
By Ufaq Ashfaque


JULY 16, 2013 – Twitter has earned a strong position in the social media networking website.  However, its acceptance and utility on the Blackberry Z10 is still under incubation as people are yet to become familiar with the application.
However, as of this month, the Twitter app receives a major update, revolutionizing the experience of tweeting, searching and sharing.
The Twitter application on the Blackberry Smartphone will allow users to update their status and tweets, receives suggestions when typing in the search bar, save shared pictures on their page and also receive, view and send direct messages (DM’s) on their application.
Users now have a chance to read tweets, skim through threads and engage in what is happening in the Twitter community.
It also allows for users to skim through multiple accounts, along with its new Discover page.
Through such updates on Blackberry Z10, it enables people to better understand the Twitter application and increase their usage of the application on their Smartphones.

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