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On Thursday, the whole nation watched Bushra Bibi speak to a private news channel as the First Lady of Pakistan.

Where many people praised her confident yet simple persona and the way she spoke about Imran Khan, there were many who didn’t seem impressed at all.

Bushra Bibi’s Interview With Hum News: First Lady Shuts Down Trolls on TV

Ushna Shah seems to fall into the latter category as she took a dig at Bushra Bibi in one of her recent tweets.

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Taking to Twitter, the Bashar Momin actress poured down her thoughts in a satirical way and gathered the attention for the day.

It looks like Ushna referred to a common perception among many people that Bushra Bibi is, somehow, responsible for the success of Imran Khan and PTI, in the General Elections of 2018 due to her spiritual background.

After mentioning all the things Imran Khan has accomplished so far in his life, Ushna equated them to marrying someone like Bushra Bibi, or “Baba Farid” as she wrote herself, as nothing else seemed to work out for our new prime minister.

Imran Khan & Bushra Manika’s Visit to Baba Fareed Goes Viral!

Ushna Shah ignited fury among many IK followers and looks like her tweet just got backfired!

“Your brain doesn’t work” came out as the popular opinion!

Some were clearly disappointed by her tweet!

Some took the chance to comment on her acting skills!

Some think that the concept of a spiritual side is not something we should make fun of!

And she lost some of the fans as well!

When this argument heated up, Ushna Shah asked her followers to note the sarcasm in her tweet, that was perhaps hidden somewhere between the lines.

But it was too sarcastic to be understood by many!

What’s your opinion on Ushna Shah’s remark on Bushra Bibi? Let us know in the comments below.

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