Everyone has one question in mind; “Is this the end of Facebook?” The social media giant has been under fire for a lot of different reasons, mainly because of the change in their algorithm.

Digital publishers and online businesses have seen a decrease in content reach, which has become very alarming!

A lot of such issues has resulted in the form of a dip in its traffic. Time spent on the network — a number that drives the tech giant’s revenue — is down by an estimated 50 million hours per day.

Facebook now reaches 2.13 billion people per month and has 1.4 billion daily active users. If we were to revisit that 50 million hours number on a per-user basis, it would be a drop of 0.035 hours aka 2.1 minutes per user per day.

However, it looks like Facebook has found a way to troll their users and ‘force’ them to be spammed so that they have no choice but to come back online to the platform for engagement.

Individuals are claiming the company is trolling them!

Gabriel Lewis, one of the spam victims tweeted about the encounter claiming that Facebook spammed him via text messages. He had shared the phone number for the purposes of 2-factor authentication. And no, he insists he did not have mobile notifications turned on.

What’s more, when he replied “stop” and “DO NOT TEXT ME,” he says those message showed up on his Facebook wall!

He is not the only one!

While others are claiming that it seems like this is a bug which has been troubling many, there is no word yet by Facebook’stech team as of yet about the problem at hand.

Sorry Facebook looks like you have once again landed yourself in trouble!

Here’s what the company had to say;

“We give people control over their notifications, including those that relate to security features like two-factor authentication. We’re looking into this situation to see if there’s more we can do to help people manage their communications,” the statement reads.

“Also, people who sign up for two-factor authentication using a U2F security key and code generator do not need to register a phone number with Facebook.”

Be careful and make sure you do not reply or else your parents might ground you!

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