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DellBerry: Could this be real?

DellBerry Could this be real
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 8, 2013 – Blackberry could use the support of Dell and vice versa, should both the brands invest into creating a profitable partnership in the IT and mobile industry at the same time. Both companies have had a history of to create a long-term, sustainable brand name and also are rather keen to continue operations without having a support structure.

Blackberry has been in the business of creating a strong position in the mobile market, targeting the corporate and professional segments in the business sector. Their philosophy of sophistication earned them good points and also increased their fan following.  However, with the failure of their Z10 mobile, the company arrived at a time when Smartphone has become much more common among people, falling late to target an audience.

On the other hand, Dell has been in the business of providing some of the most robust personal computer hardware packages, playing on features of performance and robustness and durability. Looking forward for multiple aspects that have been monitored, Dell has managed to establish itself as a popular brand, but also provides for targeting potential individuals and clients that are looking for reliable, quality-centric and durable products.

To compare and analyze both strengths, it could be considered a healthy option for both the brands to combine their energies and boost themselves for a strong position together as a brand in the both the computer hardware and Smartphone industry.

The Forbidden Love of Turkish Drama Serials

The Forbidden Love of Turkish Drama Serials

Not long ago, Pakistanis gaped at their television screens as they saw flawless beauties speaking Urdu in a most disturbing manner, with their lips shaping up in an O and the voice-over saying “aap”.

In a time, where drama serials are all about sappy stories of deception and family secrets being exposed, generic themes and few actors, being used like a mopping cloth, spread across the TV drama scene of Pakistan.

The monotony was in all honesty getting on the nerves of some.

With viewers looking for a change and something new and refreshing, on came a channel and did something which some call revolutionary and while others call a shameful act that will damage the market of local Pakistani drama.

A channel called “Urdu 1” suddenly sprung up in 2011. Nobody knew where it came from but it came, it saw and it conquered….”the aunties”.

The ideology they had was to dub different foreign TV shows in Urdu and In a HD like picture quality. They started off with a few Indian and European dramas while keeping intact a few locally produced TV dramas.

The channel soon realized there unique selling proposition (USP) which was Turkish dramas and it was in this category that they excelled in.

From a common understanding of a Pakistani person, Turkey has just about the right level of secularism and fashion trends which a liberal Pakistani would want to be a part of.

In brief, Turkish dramas are a fantasy version of what the viewers would want to be. Another reason for this instantaneous connection to Turkish dramas was the similarity of names, social issues and storylines.

Completely unheard of Turkish dramas, most importantly Ishq-e-Mamnu, attracted the masses like a magnet which left sour taste in the mouths of many local producers. They were seen protesting against TV channel which preferred to air Turkish dramas over their own and most of the bigger firms willing to pay handsomely for commercial airtime on Urdu 1.

The drama Ishq-e-Mamnu is so popular that one if its episode is the only Drama episode of any drama serial in Pakistan that features on the highest viewership charts for a day in 2012.

The trend is now seen to be spread far and wide with more and more Turkish dramas being aired on TV channels like Express Entertainment, Geo Kahani and Geo TV.

Only time will tell if the local producers will continue to cry or come up with excellent content which sidelines dubbed dramas

Toyota launches Innova Chrome edition

Toyota launches Innova Chrome edition
By Anum Saeed


With the successful launch of Toyota Innova in the country, Toyota launched yet another exciting automobile that has gained momentum and hype in the industry.

The new Toyota Innova auto-car has been brought to the Indian automobile industry, standing out with its unique chrome kit for this popular multi-purpose vehicle.

The chrome kit will start beginning to sell for Rs. 31,000 that would add chrome touches onto different areas of the vehicle.

Amongst the most targeted areas include door handles, side mirrors, arches of all four wheels and the front grille that would provide for adding to the efficiency and the performance of the car.

The Chrome Kit will work on both diesel and petrol –based cars and offers top-of-the-line VX versions of this kit, adding more life to the car.

The parent brand anticipates positive aspirations with the launch of the new Chrome Kit in Toyota Innova. With 400,000 units sold of the Toyota Innova, the Chrome kit has been added as a celebration for customers to enjoy the benefits of automation.

Attributes Of A Successful Brand

Successful Brand Attributes

Apple, Facebook, Google, Pepsi, Nestle, Marlboro. Everybody, literally everybody knows these leading brands. These giants have been catering successfully to the needs of the people right from the time they emerged.

As they continued meeting all expectations, they not only stayed on top, butfurther climbed the ladder of excellence. The question which arises is that whatcharacteristics of these brands enabled them to become global market leaders.

Firstly, the most successful brands have always been the most well defined brands.

Secondly, these brands are unique and stand out from other brands of a similar category to catch attention.

Therefore, it is relevant to the needs of the customers in order to convince them to buy the brand for their own satisfaction. For this reason, the brand is preferably promoted as a ‘customer centric’ brand, which has its first priority set in pleasing its customers to win their trust.

Thereby, the brand generally maintains a soft apologetic tone in its campaign. This is to make up for the short comings its clients have to face.  It further wins their appreciation by giving the customers a higher say in the making and running of the brand.

This not only gives its clientele a sense of ownership but knits it into a mutually beneficial community, which is the aim of every sensible person.

However, along with listening to its customers, the brand is united in its workforce, where from the CEO to the sweeper of the company, all share the motivation and feel connected to their aim.

Moreover, the brand doubtlessly is easily accessible for purchase.

In addition, a well known band is always  globally recognized and required. Thus such a ‘glocal’ brand makes a local as well as an international appeal, mesmerising the target market from all over the world, leading to maximum sale and publicity.

Dew sets to give consumers a VIP experience

Dew sets to give consumers a VIP experience
By Ufaq Ashfaque


Mountain Dew launched an online campaign named‘fuel the tank’ to further enhance the product experience and engage consumers.

Mountain Dew users can show their appreciation through liking the page on Facebook and ‘fuel the tank’. Due to alluring posters and taglines, the brand managed to spur curiosity on the social networking websites.

Global beverage brand Mountain Dew  launched an interactive campaign on Facebook as it understood the importance of social media platforms.  The instant traffic that any promotional activity receives on the medium is unmatchable.

The campaign not only mobilized the brand’s current consumers, but with a tree-like network created, it also managed to bring in more potential customers to Mountain Dew. With such interactive campaigns being launched by the brand, Mountain Dew continues to lock the attention of its consumers and make way for further strengthening its standing in the virtual world.

Mountain Dew positioned itself as a soda beverage for individuals that are adventurous, daring and wish to achieve greater things.  Brand has earned immense popularity since its arrival and seeped through the beverage industry.

Wal-Mart halts expansion in India

WalMart halts expansion in India
By Ufaq Ashfaque

INDIA, July 7 – World’s largest retail grocery chain Wal-Mart cut out plans to expand in India.  Reuters confirmed sources that the Arkansas-based establishment would not be opening in India until March 2015.

One of the primary reasons that were highlighted in the news is due to the government intervention, heavy investigations and documentations that would be required for a Greenfield venture to take place.

Last year, India had proclaimed and formally announced that it would permit international supermarkets and hypermarket chains in the country, injecting foreign direct investments (FDI’s) into the economy.  However, the proposal was put on hold on the part of the international retailer as investigations and detail scrutiny are in order.

On the other, Bharti Enterprises, a local establishment and partner of Wal-Mart, has shown approval of Wal-Mart setting in India.  The Indian group has not shown any agreement regarding their dismissal of their agreement with Wal-Mart and is positive of Wal-Mart’s entry into India.  The international grocery chain, even though had been extremely positive towards their entry into the Indian market; with the sudden change in plan, it spurred curiosity among market watchers and players in the industry.




“The ability to listen has the most retention, and radio spots should be produced creatively and exclusively for radio, and should not just be voiceovers of TV commercials”, Shahzad Qureshi, Chief Operating Officer, Apna FM Network.


Synergyzer: How long has Apna FM Network been operative in Pakistan? 

Shahzad Qureshi: Apna FM Network has been in the industry since 2003, when we started with Apna Karachi FM 107, providing 8 years of music and entertainment the Karachiite style.

Recently, in 2011, we acquired a radio station in Multan and transformed it into Apna Multan FM 88. Also, we launched Apna Lahore FM 107.4 and are about to commence operations in Islamabad soon.


Synergyzer: What uniqueness has FM 107 brought to the industry with its programming?

Shahzad: When ApnaKarachi FM 107 was launched, only FM 100 and FM 101 were in the industry. FM 107 catered through its taglines, “Karachi Ki Awaz” and “Sub se alag…sub ke saath…ApnaKarachi FM aik sau saat”, introducing programming with the uniqueness of regional touch that reflected Karachi’s culture. ApnaKarachi initiated traffic updates and was one of the pioneers to broadcast live cricket commentary amongst FM channels.


Synergyzer: Please define your listenership profile.

Shahzad: Our listenership profile varies depending on the city or region we are operating in. Yet, everywhere our Bull’s eye is male listeners belonging to SEC A, B and C. Women usually fall in our extended listenership profile.


Synergyzer: Please give some facts about the radio industry.

Shahzad: Radio is still young and growing rapidly all over the world. In Pakistan, it’s still in its growth phase and has huge tendency to evolve. Growth of radio sets in Asia is approximately 430% in less than 30 years. Radio is one of the most effective means of infotainment in the disaster affected areas as it may be the only medium available and has a high reach.


Synergyzer: Is it feasible to operate a radio channel?

Shahzad: A radio channel is not as inexpensive to operate as perceived by many since there are many hidden expenses. Yet, compared to TV it is less costly. The radio business is especially economical for stations airing back to back music, since programming requires huge investments. The licensing charges for major cities according to recent biddings are between Rs. 30 to 50 million, which are expected to increase in the future.


Synergyzer: What are the issues being faced by the radio industry? 

Shahzad: At this point in time, the biggest issue being faced by Pakistan’s radio industry is that advertisers and media planners don’t understand the real worth of the medium and the value it can add to a brand. The ability to listen has the most retention, and radio spots should be produced creatively and exclusively for radio, and should not just be voiceovers of TV commercials.

Besides this, lack of talent and understanding of the industry, and quality of tracking ad spend add to the issues being faced by the radio industry in this market.


Synergyzer: Please elaborate on the ‘quality of tracking ad spend’ as an issue that you just mentioned. Do you find the mechanism used satisfactory?

Shahzad: We require better and improved mechanisms for tracking ad spend to accurately judge and evaluate the standing of each radio channel. Currently, only a few companies are operating in Pakistan and the mechanism lacks efficiency and accuracy.


Synergyzer: Is there any mechanism for tracking listenership internationally? If yes, why is it not available in Pakistan yet?

Shahzad: There are many international mechanisms for tracking listenership, but unfortunately they are not available here. I believe that it’s our fault as we need to make sure that such technology is imported and implemented to increase efficiency.


Synergyzer: Are there any advertising campaigns that are advertised on radio only?

Shahzad: There are a number of advertisers who advertise on radio only like Nando’s, IFG undergarments or small stores like Naheed Supermarket who have smaller advertising budgets.

Here, I would like to mention that radio cannot compete with TV as it is a supporting medium, yet it’s very effective during crisis such as load-shedding etc., as well as traveling.


Synergyzer: What are the opportunities that Apna FM Network presents for advertisers, other than running traditional campaigns?

Shahzad: Firstly, advertisers have the leverage of informing us half an hour before the time they want to run their advertising campaign, and we accommodated them. Secondly, we produce radio commercials for our advertisers as we have professional voice over artists and one of the finest production departments in the industry. Also, we provide live coverage to advertiser events during any campaigns and otherwise too, if required.


Synergyzer: Are there any programs for training talent for radio? 

Shahzad: Yes, there are certain programs & courses to educate people on radio skills, but there is no official place yet that teaches radio presenting or about the industry and its mechanism.

In Pakistan, people working in the radio industry usually learn presenting, about listener preferences, content that sells etc. through their experience over a period of time.

I would like to add that at Apna FM Network, we hold regular training sessions to ensure that our presenters get well versed in these areas and learn the tricks of the trade to excel in what they do.


Synergyzer: Why is there a mushrooming of radio stations when the industry is getting only 5% share of advertising from the total spend?

Shahzad: This seemingly small share is contributing to good results in terms of revenues.

Yet, the radio budgets are decreasing and causing problems to the industry. To eliminate such threat it’s important that radio businesses unite and come up with strategies as a team. Team work has always been lacking in this industry and now is the time to overcome it.


Synergyzer: Why is there hardly any focus on new types of programming?

Shahzad: I would not agree here, rather we are continuously trying to develop attractive programs for our listeners while improving existing ones, keeping in mind regional touch and taste. We acknowledge that listeners are attracted towards innovative shows so we ensure new idea development to avoid stagnancy.



Synergyzer: How do you promote yourself? 

Shahzad: Apna FM Network promotes itself through digital marketing by our Facebook Fanpage and SMS campaigns. Also, we place billboards when a new or important event or activity is about to come. We carry out float activity during Ramadan in which we go to different places and create hype by distributing giveaways to listeners through contests etc., which helps in strengthening our bond with listeners.

We also align ourselves with movie shows, theatrical plays and Cricket matches. Also, we are the pioneers in introducing an application on the Nokia OVI store that enables listeners to tune in to FM 107 live from any where in the world.



Synergyzer: What is the kind of mileage does FM107 get out of these promotions?

Shahzad: Most of our listeners mention if they notice the presence of FM 107 at any event or in any magazine, usually on the transmission. These promotions have proved instrumental in increasing our listenership base.


Haleeb Foods: Entering the Profit Phase Again

Haleeb Foods

Haleeb Foods, the company which has been prominentlyabsent from the market, recently made a comeback but not with its signature brand Haleeb Milk but with a new dairy liquid brand called ‘GroAur’.

Moving ahead, Haleeb Foods are thinking of refurbishing its brands and operations. They also plan to re-launch Haleeb Milk with an addition of more goods in its dairy and beverage assortment.

Being the pioneer of the dairy industry  in Ultra High Treatment (UHT) milk, Haleeb foods remained a market leader of UHT milk in Pakistan by capturing 52 % share for quite some time.

Nestlé’s Milkpak and Engro’s Olpers were the two tough competitors, in the year 2008 to whom Haleeb Foods lost its share in the market,  They even borrowed an enormous loan to turn round their misfortunes but the competitors were far more vigorous with their marketing campaigns and therefore their share kept on increasing very smoothly.

Finally after years of struggling, Vision Mega Fobs Group Limited bought a major chunk of shares in Haleeb Foods in 2011. They rationalized and revamped Haleeb foods with an all-new young and fresh management and launched GroAur.

Haleeb Foods Limited started off with their business in July 1984 with a total capital of Rs. 46 Million. Initially the company was under the name of Chaudhry Dairies Limited which was later renamed as CDL Foods Limited. They introduced their first product Haleeb in 1986.

Junaid Jamshed introduces Eid Collection 2013

Junaid Jamshed introduces Eid Collection 2013
By Ufaq Ashfaque


Junaid Jamshed (J.), a popular Pakistani clothing giant, is pacing to launch its Eid Collection in the month of Ramadan. This clothing line has been positioned as part of the celebration for Eid and the following festivities that come with it.

Heavy embroideries and heavy machine work are features that are expected to make Junaid Jamshed popular in the Pakistani market.

Junaid Jamshed, like other lawn brands in the market, is making its presence by launching its Eid Collection for the second time this year. The brand has been popular by playing on the more-for-less value proposition, making it a favorite among Pakistani consumers.

By setting physical establishments all over Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed stands as an important brand for the people of the country, offering vibrant, summery colors and cuts to appeal to all.

The brand was launched by popular Pakistani singer Junaid Jamshed. However, with his transformation and entrance into the clothing industry, J. now exists as a brand that keep people close to Junaid Jamshed’s identity and being associated with his clothing collection as well.

Ego Spring/Summer Collection 2013- Now In Stores

Ego Spring summer Collection 2013 Now In Stores
By Saira Hussain


EGO’s Spring/SummerCollection for 2013 was one of the most in demand collections of this year. By offering chic and up-to-date designs EGO redefined the fashion world with its spectacular ready-to-wear range.

The latest series included 26 unique designs of colorful Kurtas paired with trendy tights, churidar pajamas and trousers. The entire collection varies from plain, printed to embroided Kurtas available in hip colors such as orange, blues,emerald green, lemon yellow, red etc.

Ego clothing brand, established in 2006 was inspired by the modern, young independent women of Pakistan, their signature  tunics, tops kurtas and kurtis have been the talk of the town ever since the brand was launched, Ego’s inspiring designs are also very much appreciated outside Pakistan.

The fashion industry in Pakistan is growing more and more with every passing season. It is undoubtedly becoming a significant element of Pakistan’s economy because of its global export prospective. Therefore the importance of new individual brands in our fashion industry cannot be understated.

Toyota recalling 130,000 vehicles

Toyota recalling 130000 vehicles
By Anum Saeed


World’s renowned automobile giant Toyota has rumored to have called an estimated 130,000 vehicles due to faults and problems in the power steering system of these vehicles.

The Japanese company has called in vendors and manufacturers to identify the root cause and chalk recommended alternatives that would resolve the issue in the future.

The company gave out this news in its filing with the Land, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism Ministry. This particular batch of cars was produced during the year 2011-2012 and that 185,000 vehicles were retrieved from local setups and abroad.

Companies as reputable as Toyota not only are investing their efforts into reducing errors and seeking perfection, but it is because of these malfunctions that Toyota continues to take measure and precaution to avoid wasting resources.

Reports of Toyota recalling Vitz, Ractis and Trezia due to multiple problems have been received on different occasions.

However, the strong heritage that Toyota has established itself with, while errors maybe overlooked, their recurrence could become detrimental for the brand.

Viber, Whatsapp, what’s next?

Viber and WhatsApp

Smart phones have managed to make conversations literally ‘smart’, with these amazing, free of cost , easily downloadable applications such as Viber and Whatsapp. Both of these applications have made it possible to share all sorts of data ,with people all over the world, be it texts, pictures, videos or a sound file, without charging the users. However, a wifi or 3G connection is required, and it is pertinent for the user to have these applications installed , as well as the person he/she wants to convey the data to. Moreover, these apps support group chats which makes them a bigger thrill!

Communication made faster, easier, cost free, and fun. What more could our global village wish for? Nonetheless, as it is said , the struggle for better never stops. Similarly, as Viber replaced the previous free calling application called ‘Fring’, and Whatsapp replaced the messenger known as ‘ebuddy’, it is evident that these current ‘over the top’ applications are to be replaced soon. Whatsapp with its 250 billion users worldwide and Viber following with 175, certainly do have a few shortcomings. The biggest controversy Whatsapp has been facing is that of the complete security and privacy which the users claim. After the consequent hijacking of the Whatsapp accounts in 2011, 2012, the governments of Canada as well as Holland, carried out an investigation. This unleashed the fact that since the Whatsapp application functions by granting it access to the user’s entire address book, it is illegitimate and gives away the data of all the users in the phonebook, even those who do not use the application itself. On the other hand, Viber calls drain out the phone’s battery , the wifi signals have to be too strong for an efficient call, whereas there is no video chat option. Thus, the e-communication market is looking up to an application which fills in these loopholes, maybe one which offers a privacy like blackberry messaging, a video chat similar to skype and an efficiency perhaps as that of a GSM call!

Vodafone all set to purchase Kabel Deutschland

Vodafone all set to purchase Kabel Deutschland
By Naveed Zafar

Vodafone makes its first move towards consumer television and broadband as the UK telecommunication firm agrees to purchase Kabel Deutschland, the largest cable of Germany for €7.7bn.
Though the deal is approved by Kabel Deutschland but could spark interest in Liberty Global, owners of UnityMedia, the second biggest cable firm in Germany.

Vodafone is offering €87 per share which values the business at €7.7billion. It is an increase from €82 per share given in an informal offer a couple of weeks earlier. Vodafone is also prepared to take on €2.2bn debt of Kabel.
If the deal is finalized, it will be one of the biggest telecom deal in several years. This comes 13 years after Germany was initially penetrated by Vodafone when it took over Mannesmann, a German mobile phone network for £101 billion.

Kabel Deutschland currently has over 8.5 million customers and their cables are passing through 15.3 million German households.
Industry Analysts say that by acquiring a bigger corporation like Kabel Deutschland, Vodafone may be looking to safeguard its own future and play down the risk of being over taken by another organization like Verizon, their US partner.
Verizon wanted to buy 45% of their stake in Verizon Wireless. Vodafone has already rejected a bid worth $100bn two months ago.

Vodafone Global Enterprise Enters in Africa

Vodafone Global Enterprise Enters in Africa
By Naveed Zafar


JULY 05 – Vodafone announced the expansion of Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) in the continent of Africa,  which provides communications services to over 1700 multinational customers throughout Africa,  the Americas , Asia- Pacific and Europe.
Vodafone Global Enterprise is the market leader in providing, implementing and designing sophisticated communication products and services for both mobile and fixed lines for some of the top organizations in the world.
Vodafone is currently working on establishment of new regional hubs in Nairobi and Accra.
They wish to improve and support more than 600 multinational customers who are operating in Africa already.

These new hubs will be fulfilling the needs of East and West Africa bond customers.
It will synchronize with the enterprise customer service operations of Vodafone Egypt in Cairo and Vodacom in Johannesburg which already provide 24/7 services in 13 languages to hundreds of the Group’s enterprise customers.
In accumulation, Vodafone’s widespread network of partner market operations enables the group to provide services to businesses in more than 50 African countries.

Gul Ahmed exhibits its clothing line in Florida

Gul Ahmed exhibits its clothing line in Florida

By Ufaq Ashfaque

Gul Ahmed recently held an exhibition in Florida, targeting people who appreciate summer and are interested in clothes and apparel that are both stylish and comfortable to wear.

The public event was held on July 4 at the APPNA Summer Convention 2013 and continued till July 7. The event covered the top-of-the-line clothes produced by Gul Ahmed along with designs that would appeal to the people living in Florida.

With bright colors, designs and a vibrant collection, Gul Ahmed sets itself as a brand representing Pakistan in the society.

Gul Ahmed’s penetration into international market such as Florida and other business avenues would not only bring more people to the brand, but would also strengthen its position in the global market.

In addition to this, Gul Ahmed would also be able to design clothes that would keep the demands and the requirements of people in foreign nations in check. With such strategies, the clothing brand is set to promote itself outside Pakistan and earn popularity and valuable customers using Gul Ahmed.

Gul Ahmed, Pakistan’s pioneering lawn clothing brands, seeks to expand operations on an international level.


Garnier introduces ‘dry’ shampoo

Garnier introduces dry shampoo
By Ufaq Ashfaque


The popular beauty care product brand Garnier came out with a new and unique hair product known as the The Garnier Fructis Volume Extent Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo.

It comes with a formula that not only makes the hair look better, but also improves the texture and adds body to dull looking hair. This shampoo is a unique addition to the brand and is sure to make great progress in the market.

There are different varieties and degrees of hair care products available to customers nowadays. With the launch of this shampoo, the convenience of great hair would bring clients to Garnier. Considering time is money for a consumer, Garnier’s move into dry shampoos will prove successful for the brand and will increase penetration.

Garnier is amongst the leading beauty care brands in the market. Customers are aware of its products and have managed to reach thousands around the world. Through the launch of this product, it is directly competing against travel-kit shampoos consumed during travel.

With Garnier’s dry shampoo, people will immediately recognize the brand, increasing the chances of the brand to sustain for a long-period of time.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft join hands to end child abuse

Facebook Google and Microsoft join hands to end child abuse
By Ufaq Ashfaque


Internet moguls Facebook, Google and Microsoft look to develop a database that would contribute towards ending child abuse and human trafficking in places across the country.

The three social media networks, search engines and IT companies will work together for the promulgation of spreading awareness regarding child abuse.

As a step to counter this evil, they will remove all the images depicting disturbing content and will also make way to highlight and identify some of the key issues and problems.

Living in an era where the Internet and technology brings the world of networking and communications in unison, greater initiatives and objectives can be set and achieved in order to help make the world a better place.

Child abuse and human trafficking have been a serious bone of contention over the years. Many companies and organization have been looking forward to eliminate or reduce the casualties.

Lux style Awards 2013 Announced

Looking forward to The Lux Style Awards 2013
By Ali Rizvi


KARACHI, July 4 – The prestigious Lux style awards are to be held in 2013, celebrating success, appreciating new talent, along with paying tributes to legends.

The Lux Style Awards (LSA) have been the most awaited event for the Pakistani Film Industry. Making its debut in the year 2002.

LSA is a star-lit night, packed with powerful performances, award distributions and entertainment.

According to the critics and the leaders of the industry, awards are a proven motivation for each and every celebrity or individual associated with Pakistani media.

Although LSA has often been accussed of having a biased approach towards choosing the winner, it is all about spreading entertainment to the audience.

Models, actors, designers and others together celebrate the success that the Pakistani industry celebrates with Lux Style Awards.

Considering that the Pakistani industry is finally in the growth stage, the film industry has influenced and changed the people of the Pakistani society, which is highly commendable altogether.

Completing more than a decade of celebrations, the company now manages to further improve the Lux Style Awards, adding more entertaining activities, in order for the Pakistani masses to enjoy.

BMW Launches Mild Line Scooties

BMW Launches Mild Line Scooties

Infamous for manufacturing state of the art cars and one of its kind driving experience, BMW has had been in motorcycle manufacturing for 90 years now. BMW is renowned all over the world with its sports cars, its formula-one participations, 6 wins in Dakar Rally and unique experience of automobile mastery. Also, in Super Bike World Championships, BMW Motorcycles are notorious for its ridiculously enchanting design, performance and sound.

Much like its elder brother brand BMW motorcycles are also made to be futuristic, high ended and largely dependent on looks, sound and experience. After motorcycles like – S1000RR and R1200RT, one would expect BMW to produce nothing less than an alien spacecraft breaking through all designs man-kind might have ever seen.

However, contrary to all these beliefs, in Munich – BMW stuns all speculators by launching a stale range of mid line scooties. Infamous for creating market for their brands, rather than the other way round – BMW, considering Europe’s old heritage of street designs laid out in early middle-ages, has decided to set in as one of the many scooter manufacturers. It is not a strategically bad move, if one does not hold BMW to be automobile engineering’s GOD, which most people actually do. Going against their way might create confusion about the persona of the brand which in past has given the world many of its best and heaviest machines.

Bayerische Motoren Werke(BMW), one of the world’s Top 3Best Selling Luxury Automobiles- Mercedes Benz and Audi (also, German brands), has a lineage from the Automobile founders and Pioneers of Luxury Cars – Rolls-Royce. Little do people realize this all at once, BMW has a long history and family heritage which set it apart from all the other automobile manufacturers in the world.

Overload’s Farhad Humayun Chosen by Porsche

Overloads Farhad Humayun Chosen by Porsche
By Ufaq Ashfaque

JULY 4, 2013 – Porsche, to celebrate fifty years of excellence, took up Farhad Humayun as its lead model for a recent photoshoot.

Farhad Humayun is the lead drummer for the band ‘Overload’ and has been part of the Pakistani industry for years.
Asna Hasan, the marketing manager for Porsche has great aspirations of celebrating Porsche’s worldwide excellence and global performance maintained for decades.

The photo shoot, showcasing six leading personalities of Pakistan, was done in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading photographer Faisal Farooqui.

These six personalities will undergo a makeover by six leading stylists in the country, denoting different milestones of achievement earned by Porsche and the shoot will then be published in Hello! Magazine.

“With Porsche I had no such concerns. I knew it would be cool and I would appear as myself, not as an actor or model,” Farhad commented on being the first personality approached by the luxury automobile brand.
Being a popular name in the Pakistani music industry, Farhad has managed to work his way through and being accepted by his audience who cherish his work till date.  He is confident with the photoshoot and has positive association about the brand’s overall performance.

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