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Dabangg Khan’s Clothing Brand “Being Human” Makes Rs. 179 Crore within One Year


By Zoya Anwer

Being Human” the clothing line by Salman Khan has made sky rocketing sales of Rs. 179 Crore just one year after its inception. 

The actor who has given blockbuster hits one after another dedicates his apparel brand to humanity and charity services from which the funds go to The Salman Khan Foundation which focuses primarily on education and healthcare for the underprivileged.

Manish Mandhana, the joint managing director of the Mandhana Industries that have the copyrights to design, produce and market the product reportedly said,

“Brand Salman is a major factor that defines the success story of Being Human clothing. It is his huge following that has driven the sales to such a level in just one year of its launch in India.” 

The sum generated from the brand has crossed most of the earnings by his movies with the exception of Eik Tha Tiger in which the star made Rs. 198 Crore.  

The managing director also believes that it is not solely the fan following that generated the revenue but the quality of products has also played a major role; hence they come back for more merchandise. He added that the company also has four international designers who look after the design of products.

He said, “Similar to Zara, which has merchandise on their shelves for less than two weeks, we too have been focusing on fresh fashion to stay relevant for youngsters.” 

However Being Human’s main T-Shirt costs for Rs.699 and the premium brands like Marks & Spencer charge lesser than that and the brand also faces competition from international brands like H&M, Gap Inc, Uniqlo that would soon be available to the Indian market.

This culture of celebrity brands is still relatively newer in India unlike USA where such brands are very common.

Meat One Opens Its First Outlet in Lahore

Meat One

Pakistan’s leading chain of specialty meat shops, Meat One has arrived in Lahore with its first outlet at Y Block, DHA, and today. The company also plans to open another outlet in the capital city Islamabad by early June.

The Lahore outlet was inaugurated by the famous cricketer and ex captain Inzamam ul Haq who was present along with other members of the current Pakistan Cricket team including the current captain, MIsbah-ul-haq.

Meat One has already established strong foot in Karachi with its 12 operational outlets. The retail chain plans to open additional shops throughout urban centers of Pakistan.

The premium meat chain offers 60 types of beef, chicken and mutton cuts and places great emphasis on the quality and safety of its products, ensuring that its products are sold fresh and not frozen.

Talking about meat processing and safety measures, Adnan Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer of Al-Shaheer Corporation, explained, “The company has a stringent value chain process whereby animals are raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones, slaughtered at state of the art halal abattoirs and their meat stored at 0-5 degree Celsius to prevent contamination from bacteria.”

Kamran Ahmed Khalili, Chairman and CEO of Al-Shaheer Corporation, said, “Food contamination is a serious global health concern, but one that’s particularly important to address locally. As food suppliers, it’s our responsibility to provide products that are safe for public consumption and hence we take the extra mile to meet that objective.”

Mr. Kamran added, “Meat One ensures that the animals it slaughters are fed on a grass diet and that they are raised in a natural habitat, as opposed to being grain-fed and kept in cages, which makes their meat more nutrient-dense than other meat products in the market.”

While the company has its own Abattoir in Karachi, it plans to construct a modern abattoir near Lahore in near future, meanwhile Meat One has entered into an agreement with PAMCO, which will provide Meat One with access to its slaughtering and chilling capabilities.”

The concept of frozen meat is a rising trend well-liked by the upperscale gentry in Pakistan. With rising competition from other local and international chains and superstores, Meat One has set its goal right for the years to come.

Shahid Afridi World Records in ODIs till 2014

Shahid Afridi World Records in ODIs till 2014

A 16 year old Pakistani boy came out to bat at number three on a warm tedious day against Kenya back in 1996.

Who could have thought that the game will never be the same, at least for Pakistan; after that day – after that particular knock from that sixteen year old.

The boy later made his name around the world as Boom Boom Afridi.

Afridi stunned the Cricket world with a spectacular demolition demonstration with the bat that no man could have even imagined before him. 18 years ago, his first day on the international field was perhaps the last day when Pakistanis expected him to turn around the game for them, be it with the bat or ball or even in the field.

Afridi’s debuting century in International Cricket took merely 37 balls and included a toll of 11 sky-high sixes, tis carving his first two world records and the Pakistanis boarded the roller-coaster ride known as Shahid Khan Afridi. 

Recently, his twin cameos in Asia Cup 2014, against India on March 2nd and Bangladesh on March 4th, reminded the world what it’s like being an Afridi-head or Afridian. Afridi doesn’t promise that it would work out every time or that it would be pretty, but he does promise that whenever his bat does start middling that cricket ball, he will make the world stand in awe.

But known for his brute force, fastest century (A record now broken by CJ Anderson) and highest striking rate than anyone in One-Day-International, Shahid Afridi also holds a rather peculiar world record.


We all know that Afridi’s half century against the adorable Bangladeshis in Asia Cup 2014 that came in just 18 balls, and snatched a historic victory from their jaws, is also the world’s second fastest.

But did you know that it’s the third time Afridi has reached a half-century on 18 balls? Also, that he has made one more International half century in 19 balls, two half centuries in 20 balls, one more on 21 balls and finally a half century against Sri Lanka in 2007 took him 22 balls.

Shahid Afridi Devoured Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2014 to Make ‘one’ of His Fastest Half Centuries, and the world’s

Second Fastest Half Century. Final Score 59 Runs in 25 Balls:

Shahid Afridi’s Another Fastest 50 in 18 balls Against Netherlands in 2002

Shahid Afridi’s Second Fastest 50 in 19 balls Against New Zealand

Shahid Afridi’s Tenth Fastest Fifty in 20 balls. Final Score 77 in 34 Balls

That means, Afridi’s name is written Eight times in ICC official record of ‘Fastest Half-Centuries by a Batsman’. This in turn also means that Afridi’s 8 fastest half centuries have consumed only 156 balls; i-e More than 400 runs scored in 156 balls (26 overs).


Afridi is the only man whose name repeats three time in ICC list of ‘Fastest Century by a batsman’, with;

World’s Second fastest Century – Afridi 102 off 37 balls

World’s Third fastest Century – 102 on 45 balls (Afridi vs India)

Also; The World’s Tenth fastest Century – (total) 124 on 53 balls and also,

Another subtle Century (109) that took 68 balls, and is still the World’s 30th fastest.

That’s 437 runs scored in less than 203 balls. That’s four centuries with an total average strike rate of more than 200.

WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Facebook Messenger? What’s Your Favorite?

WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Facebook What’s Your Favorite

Smartphone users have grown exponentially in the last five years. After which the abundance of Mobile Internet ensured the bombardment of Apps amongst which the most famous have been social messaging.

I mean, who is alien to names like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Gtalk, Line and hundreds more? Their attractiveness is almost equal to the outstanding popularity of SMS back the time when cellphones were still a young phenomenon, and SMS application completely annihilated the existence of ‘Pagers’.

Recently, Facebook expensed US$ 19 billion to acquire ‘WhatsApp’, an app that still lags behind ‘Facebook Messenger App’ in States. However, WhatsApp has more monthly active users than facebook messengers.

The story of Facebook and Whatsapp is increasingly interesting. Let’s take a look below, at ‘The WhatsApp Popularity’ around the world with a snapshot of its users’ Demographics.WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Facebook What’s Your Favorite_1

Diet Coke’s ‘You’re On’ Ad Promoting Cocaine Addiction?

s Cocaine Addiction

Apparently, Coca Cola has trolled the entire marketing world with it new campaign for Diet Coke, tagged “You’re On”.

Facing an aggressive backlash and fiery criticisms, the tongue-in-cheek tagline of Diet Coke is being accused of being a wicked reference for “drugs consumption”.

The controversy started when Diet Coke’s Billboards popped up all over San Francisco and New York, bearing the tagline “You’re On” closely followed by the word “Coke”.

What may seem to anyone “You’re on Coke” at a first glance is actually “You’re on Diet Coke”.

s Cocaine Addiction_1

It seems like a purely intentional and a playful attempt to get attention, but critics claim that it gives subliminal and unsubtle nod to cocaine addiction.

However, a statement by Coca Cola to Adweek, finally put an end to all the brewing tittle-tattle.

“This advertising is one part of the new campaign for Diet Coke, which is called ‘You’re On.’ It celebrates ambitious young achievers from all walks of life and reminds them that Diet Coke is there to support them in the moments when they are at their best. Every single day, young people around the world experience ‘You’re On’ moments big and small. It could be a job interview or a national TV interview, a first date or a final exam, a presentation to your boss or a performance in front of thousands. The Diet Coke logo is the centerpiece of the ad campaign. Diet Coke in no way endorses or supports the use of any illegal substance.”

Meanwhile, world famous country singer Taylor Swift has shaken hands with Coca Cola by being the official brand ambassador of Diet Coke.

“I’ve said for years that Diet Coke just ‘gets me’ and my lifestyle. I’m so excited about our new partnership”, said Swift.

The TVC designed by a Manhattan agency “Droga5”, features a montage of events where people take a sip of Diet Coke before a nerve wracking moment, while in the end Taylor Swift is spotted enjoying a can of Diet Coke just before beginning her show.

Since the sales of diet sodas are declining and Diet Coke’s share slowed down by 3% in 2012, such assertive moves becomes justified by the world’s top beverage brand.

LG Releases it’s Finest Robotic Cleaner Yet

LG Releases

LG releases HOM-BOT SQUARE, the vacuum cleaner that has made LG proud.

LG has once again made its mark in the consumer electronics segment, through its Hom-Bot Square. LG’s new robot based vacuum cleaner has made its way to the top of the consumer electronics sector, as ranked by Netherlands Consumer Association. The product is not only intelligent enough to handle dust from various difficult corners, but is also the most advanced product in its category. This product has given LG Electronics an edge over its rivals in the industry.

LG’s new initiative is of introducing Hom-Bot in the Middle East region, after its tremendous success in the Middle East region. The main feature of the device includes device’s high pick up performance, with ultra quietness.

LG Releases_1

The president of LG Electronics, Mr. D.Y. Kim made the following comments on HOM-BOT SQUARE, “To have the LG HOM-BOT SQUARE recognized in Europe, where consumers demand the very best, is extremely meaningful to LG and we’re excited to roll out these innovative products through the GCC region.”

Moreover, he added, “We put a great deal of thought into the technologies, features and design of our home appliances in order to maximize user benefit – the HOM-BOT SQUARE is no exception to this practice. Through new, effective, vacuum cleaning products, we will continue to build upon our grow-ing success in the Middle East and around the globe.”

LG’s HOM-BOT Square specialty comes from the 2.0 camera sensors that are able to scan the floors and the ceiling while the robotic device is at work, which in turn makes the device’s performance supersonic and simply incredible. The device is also smart in its own way, having a Turbo Mode option which if activated by the user, can help the device to detect highly dusty places ad allowing it to clean more suitably.

The device has received much appraise globally and has also won “iF Design Award” and a “Good De-sign Seal” making the device one of its kind. LG HOM-BOT Square is now available at all the GCC retail outlets.


Heidi Klum Promotes Maserati in Swimsuit Issue


Maserati, the high end luxury brand has surprised the world by featuring Heidi Klum, in its latest Beyond the Swimsuit Issue.

Heidi Klum, the German born actress known not only for her good looks but also for her style and well developed brand image, has recently modeled her good looks for Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte and GranTurismo.

masserati_1In a recent 90 second Maserati commercial at Super Bowl, Klum promoted a $68,150 Ghibli to the international audience. The commercial was named as ’Strike’ and received more than 11.5 million views since its uploading on Youtube.


Moreover, the high end luxury car brand, owned by Fiat has promoted its brand to an all new level by showcasing the photo shoots pictures featuring Klum in a US magazine’s Sports Illustrated 50th annual Swimsuit issue.

The 40 year old model has starred in the photo shoot in various different poses & outfits. The CEO of Maserati, Herald Wester stated in a comment,

“We’ve prepared a new lineup of Maserati cars with the glamorous Quattroporte, the four-door daily performer Ghibli and the sporty GranTurismo Convertible.” 

While further adding on, “This massive effort deserves the largest audience platforms to take notice.”

As according to Masserati, the ad titled as ‘Beyond the Swimsuit’ shot by a famous Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini in Los Angeles, shows Klum not just in the shoes of a stunning star but also as a business woman, promoting some 100 year old brand’s, i.e. Ghibli sedans and Quattroporte.

Sonam Kapoor to Present L’Oreal Femina Women Awards 2014.

Sonam Kapoor

L’Oreal Paris is all set to revive feminism in India on Women’s Day, March 27th, 2014 with its third Femina Women Awards 2014. 

The award night will be held in Mumbai to honor women with extraordinary accomplishments, outstanding leadership qualities and exceptional commitment to their careers and communities;

The L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards will have 14 categories including science, business and entrepreneurship, sports, art, and education, among others.

These exceptional awards recognize and felicitate Women of Worth, while celebrating the many facets of their growth.

Present at a special ceremony to announce the nominees were Tanya Chaitanya (Editor, Femina), Manashi Guha (General Manager, L’Oréal Paris) and Sonam Kapoor (L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador).

Sonam Kapoor said, “I’m extremely happy to be in the presence of such great ‘Women of Worth’ who have gone above and beyond every single day to contribute selflessly to society and make a difference to the world we live in.”

Angry Wife Humiliates Husband through Newspaper Ad

angry wife

Is your husband cheating on you? No problem, just print out a nice Newspaper Ad, confronting the two-timing scoundrel in the national Newspaper. At least that is how an angry wife reacted when she found out about her husbands, extramarital affair. 

When Timeshia Patrick from Texas found out about her husband’s affair and that he is expecting a child from his secret lover Shara Cormier, she reacted in a rather uncanny fashion. She gave an ad in the newspaper, congratulating the two since they’re expecting a child together; of course she mentioned her full married name at the bottom and the fact that Shara is actually her husband’s mistress.

The innate public humiliation that follows for Mr. Patrick and Shara Cormier can only be imagined. Their public and social images are destroyed by Timeshia who, by doing so, has avenged her destroyed trust and heart.angry wife_1

The ad reads,  ‘I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown. They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out. Always, Patrick’s wife, Timeshia Brown.’
The Newspaper print Ad has been circulating on the internet since Monday, making abuzz. However this is not the first event of its kind, as one such incident also occurred last year, but with the image of a billboard.

angry wife_2

Frozen – The Highest Grossing Animated Movie of All Time


The Oscar winning movie “Frozen” was reported to have crossed the mark of $1 billion, on the weekend; making it the highest profit making animated movie of the industry.

It seems that the audience clealry prefer seeing animated characters and fairy tale fantasies, this is clearly expressed from Frozne’s enormous ticket sales of $388.8 million in North America alone.

Disney is all set to release Frozen in Japan within the upcoming week while it is still being showcased in cinemas all around the world, the profits thus being struck by the movie are unimaginable and are soon reported to thrash the record of Toy Story 3, i.e. $1.06 billion.

Frozen has received a rating of 8.0 at IMDB, making it the second most liked movie after Toy Story as till the current time.

Deepika Becomes Coca Cola’s Brand Ambassador for INR 6 Crore


Deepika who has given back to back hits in the recent years, has recently struck a whopping deal of INR 6 million with a Coca-Cola.

Last year, Deepika ruled Bollywood with 4 super hits movies back-to-back; hence it is to no surprise that she is now the-much-sought-after celebrity by film producers and ad directors equally.

Deepika is already endorsing a lot of other major brands of the industry, including Lux & Nescafe. Her recent ad with Farhan Akhtar proved to be a major success for the Cola brand.

Watch the ad here:

“The brand has been very selective in choosing its ambassadors. Among Bollywood heroines, they had Aishwarya Rai Bachchan around eight years ago. At the time, she had a successful run in her acting career. After a long gap, they have now signed Deepika.” 

Moreover, a Cola brand was also recently known to have controversial break up, with another Bollywood superstarAmitabh Bachchan.

Samsung Paralympics Ad 2014 Goes Viral Worldwide

Samsung Paralympics Ad 2014 Goes Viral Worldwide

These ‘disabled’ may have a million problems, but their disability ‘aint’ one.

The Amsterdam based agency, 72andSunny stands proud on this 90 second ad that showcases the undying and not at all disabled ‘spirit’, of the veterans in the Paralympics 2014.

It goes by the title, ‘Sport Doesn’t Care‘ sponsored by Samsung.

It is incredible that in 2014 we still see campaigns where other-abled athletes are presented as objects of pity, on one end—or supermen, on the other,’ says Cavallone… ‘Athletes don’t care about disabilit

Forbes Top 50 Billionaires for the Year 2014


By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani

Every one aspires to be swimming in ponds of money, playing with gold coins and cherishing the waves of fame.

In order to fulfill this dream, we need to observe the experienced swimmers, who have made fortunes out of everything that they touched. When it comes to reference of the names of these Richards, Forbes bears the top of the mind recall for all of us.

Recently, Forbes has published the list of top 50 billionaires of the contemporary year 2014.

Topping the list, not to much astonishment is none other than Bill Gates. After recently acquiring Nokia, the pioneer of operating systems Microsoft, has established a net worth of whopping US 76 billion dollars. This helped him regain the position that Gates owned in the list till 2009, following the legacy of continuous growth and giving back to the society through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it seems that the inspiring entrepreneur has destined himself to lead the list for some time.

Following Gates in the list is the man who reigned the Forbes billionaire list for the past 4 years, Carlos Slim Helú. Having philanthropy in his blood as Gates, Helu is the owner of Mexican Telecom. His extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso, SA de CV, have earned him a net worth of US 72 billion dollars.

Next up in the list is the man recognized for the brand name of Zara, Amancio Ortega. Ortega is the Spanish fashion executive and founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group. Although he has retired from the managerial positions, his interest in the seeds that he sowed has allotted him a net worth of 64 billion dollars.

Finally, the name of Berkshire Hathaway appears in the list, for everyone who reads the list, wonders where the man popular for his wealth did, disappear from the list. Warren Buffet is widely considered as a pioneer of investment in 20th Century, and currently owns GEICO, BNSF, Lubrizol, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, with his minor holdings in Mars and Coca Cola.

All this fortune helps him achieve a net worth of 58.2 billion dollars. Whereas the list inherits some of the classic players of money, the list also has some new comers breaking the ice like WhatsApp founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who recently sold their beloved app to Facebook for 19 billion dollars.

It seems that selling flourished businesses can actually get you to the list of Forbes. Another interesting fact finding of the list is that Forbes found 172 female billionaires (up from 138 last year) to include on the list of 1,645 people.It seems that women are minting good money too.

Clearly, Forbes billionaire list showcases that entrepreneurship and zealous spirit can actually help you achieve the skies. With Mukesh Ambani on the list, it is high time that we get a national from our country in the list too, bloating our chests with pride.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App Crosses 28 Mn Downloads


Kim Kardashian’s lifelike smartphone game is taking the world by storm.

The 34 year old, reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, has always been in the limelight, be it for her fashion statements or her selfies. However, what has caught everyone’s attention this time round is her smartphone game ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ due to its monstrous success.

Released last summer, the game has already had 28 million downloads and over 11 billion minutes of playtime! In a few short months last year, the Hollywood life game earned USD 74 million and this year it is expected to rake in over USD 200 million in total.

The game is centered on the player stepping into the world of Hollywood with the help of the celebrity, Kim Kardashian. The player gets to choose their own avatars, dress them up with clothes (that are an exact replica of what Kim’s wardrobe in real life), travel around the world to do model and commercial shoots, have day jobs as sales assistant, start their own designer line of clothes and date to keep their social profile high. 

The celebrity rivalry is at the peak. Rivals pose stiff competition with the player and hence, pass no opportunity to diss them or spread rumors through the media. Yes, there are live media rankings for the player’s stardom going on at the side along with social updates on what’s hot in the character’s life.

While the game has the usual irk of waiting for the energy to refill, it is quite addictive. Not only the regular updates and new features introduced keep the players hooked to it, but the good graphics make the game more interesting than other fashion games available on smartphones. This along with the introduction of other real life characters, like Kim’s mom and sisters, the game has somehow managed to retain its rankings. In times of such fast development, it is no easy feat to keep millions of people focused on a particular app for so long. 

In an interview with Adweek, Kim explained how her brand name, along with her social media obsession, merged into the perfect formula of success for the game. Initially, the game was planned to reflect the life of the celebrity in general. However, at the time of launch, the idea to create updates along the lines of what actually was happening at the exact moment in Kim’s actual life was born and it eventually gave way to the ultimate success of the game. 

Now, if Kim is in a particular city for a shoot or a vacation, the developers update the game accordingly to allow players to join Kim in the virtual world. 

Talking about the future in the tech world, Kim explains how she can’t stop coming up with new ideas for apps since the launch of the first game. Owing the success to her developers’ team, Glu Mobile, she plans to use their services in the future as a creative outlet for her ideas.

With 29 million Twitter followers, 26.5 million Instagram fans and her social persona, it is no surprise that Kim has established herself so easily in the mobile world. Also, coming soon is her first book serving as a curation of her selfies she has taken over a period of three decades. 

“So many people think that taking so many selfies is just ridiculous. For me, what’s so funny is I love taking pictures and posting them on social media for memories.”

The Future of Mobile Phone and App Store

The Future of Mobile Phone and App Store

It is quite astonishing that by the end of 2016, there will be 2.5 billion smartphones in the world and by the end of 2015, about half a trillion apps would have been downloaded. This Infographic shows a mind boggling statistics of mobile phone and application store so scroll down and take a look :

Designed and analyzed by Blogmost.


Zynga Brings Farmville to Smartphones


By Hassan Wasti

Zynga has recently announced the release of its three new games for smartphone users and PC gamers.

As Candy Cush and Subway Surfer look to lead the center stage, Zynga hopes to steal the limelight with FramVille 2: Country Escape. 

The sequel is designed as the first ever version of FarmVille for smartphones and tablets. Also Zynga has come out with rebooted versions of its two main smartphone attractions “Words with Friends” and “Zynga Poker”.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is set in coastal settings that allow you to harvest your crop on smartphones and tablets. It can be connected with the online version of FarmVille 2; it adds “Social Control” options in order to avoid spamming all your friends and family with requests and the farm’s progress, the new version features a common rewards system as well. It can also be accessed offline.

Words with Friends has added a dictionary, detailed statistics, and leaderboards. Players can easily upgrade to the rebooted version and have all their history and in-progress games carry forward.

Zynga Poker is a faster version more responsive and challenging as it judges your skill as a player and matches you up with players with equal stats.

Things haven’t been all sunshine and rainbows for Zynga as it has struggled to keep up with the increasing competition from various developers. Just a few years back Zynga dominated Facebook with FarmVille, as it became a internet sensation in no time across the globe. With these new releases Zynga hopes to get back in the game and reclaim its spot as the number one App developer in the digital world

Would You take the Escalators with a Crocodile at the End?

Crocodile at the End

3D illusion can get very real at times and so it did at a mall in Brazil during the promotional campaign of Mundo Salvagem de Richard Rasmussen’ which means ‘ready for an adventure through the Brazilian forests? Wild world with Richard Rasmussen.’

The 3D National Geographic advert that features a crocodile at the end of the escalator ready to eat you up, is actually scaring the visitors at the mall away, causing most of them to take the stairs instead.Crocodile at the End_1

When the picture of this advert was posted on reddit by a user, it received a lot of comments out of which some of the comments were as below as reported by Daily Mail:

‘I’ll just take the stairs’

‘As if getting off of an escalator isn’t terrifying enough as it is’

‘Why? Why would you do that do innocent people? Oh…because it’s funny’.

It is no doubt advertising can lure you into buying stuff, but it can at times also scare you away from trying something, like these escalators in this Brazillian Mall.

Crocodile at the End_2

Moreover, the same reditt user also posted another picture of Mount Everest being painted on stairs; the purpose of the campaign by American Disability Association was to allow others to realize that for some disabled persons, these stairs are as hard to climb as Mount Everest.

What do you say to this? Simply Creative.

Mahira Khan to Mesmerize in Elan Lawn Collection 2014

Mahira Khan

Mahira khan aka Qirat of ‘Hamsafar’ is all set to endorse one of Pakistan’s leading luxury fashion brands, Élan’s Spring/Summer Collection 0’14.

After the great success in 2013 with Bollywood actress, Nargis Fakhiri, Elan decided to opt for a desi beauty to give an elegant and sophisticated look to their new collection.

Last year, the partnership of  Elan & Hussain Mills Limited was a huge success . It was 2013’s sell out response that prompted Elan & Hussain Mills Limited to go bigger this year with more prints and diversity..

With this collection Élanaims to introduce unique trends such as print upon print, with the dupatta, shirt and bottom all bearing different patterns.

The collection also offers a variety of panels and borders which can be put together according to each consumer’s individual aesthetic sense.

The prints are based on floral, geometric, oriental, Turkic and Indian motifs making the collection abundantly versatile and offering something for everyone. Additionally, each print is paired with Élan’s signature embroidered and printed satin panels.

Bashar Momin:First Pakistani Drama to Hit Indian Television

bashar momin

By Zoya Anwer

Looks like the trends are changing, earlier on Pakistani channels were on the airing spree of Indian and Turkish dramas but guess what? For the first time, our own Pakistani drama, “Bashar Momin” will go on air on an Indian channel.  

Bashar Momin has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and according to news resources it will be the most expensive drama ever in the industry.

The cast includes one of the finest actors, Faisal Qureshi and the upcoming newer and talented lot of Sami Khan, Ushna Shah, Sundus Tariq, Yasir Mazhar and Maheen Khalid.

Even though the cast and crew of the drama have vowed not to reveal the storyline as yet, it can be assumed that the drama will revolve around the themes of love, hatred and revenge in relationships.

From some of the images released on web, it can be safely said that the drama will cast a grand impression on the audience.

Directed by Syed Ali Raza, the screenplay of Bashar Momin has been written by Zanjabeel Asim who has previously shown her excellent skills in dramas like, “Saat Pardon Me”, “Ek Nazar Meri Taraf” and the widely acclaimed telefilm remake of the film, “Anjuman”.

Like her previous works, it is also expected that the drama might also address some bold issues that are usually avoided in our society.

The drama has been produced under Geo and A&B Entertainment and will be aired very soon on Geo Entertainment.

Coca-Cola: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Coca-Cola The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

One of the largest companies in the world, the most recognizable brand of all and the most consumed beverage worldwide, Coca-Cola has become so deep-seated in our culture that we tend to forget how much power it holds not just in our lives but in our pockets too.

This infographics sets out to define the utmost key features of the company and the impact it has.

Coca-Cola The Good, The Bad and The Ugly_1

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