From Fahad Mustafa to Shahid Afridi, Shaan Shahid to Hania Aamir, the creme de creme of Pakistan’s entertainment fraternity was spotted following a strange ritual on their Instagram accounts. The bizarre trend of celebrities snapping their fingers recently took over everyone’s social media timelines.

Pakistani Stars Posting ‘Finger Snapping’ Videos on their Instagram Created a Wave of Curiosity!

Everybody was trying to figure out just what was up with all the finger snapping. Not only did it push our curiosity to its limit, but it just seemed like no one was sure what was going on.

However, without further delay, we can now finally confirm just what all the snapping was about!

It turns out that all the celebrities and the countless people online were snapping their fingers to bring about awareness to the traffic rules ( or lack of ! ) in the country.


The basic idea of the campaign is to snap your fingers every time you see someone breaking a traffic rule or regulation.

All of this was headed by Shell Helix and the campaign was called #DriveOnPakistan.

This socially responsible campaign is definitely the need of the hour. Everyone complains on a daily basis about how no one follows any rules or regulations regarding traffic safety on the road.

The #DriveOnPakistan campaign initiated by Shell Helix is a big step in highlighting socially responsible behavior whilst driving and seems like a natural fit for the brand.

Shell Helix has launched a campaign where people pledge to make Pakistan’s roads safer.
By snapping your fingers at anyone and everyone who breaks the traffic laws, you are not only calling for their attention but you are also reminding them to act more responsibly.

As simple as it sounds, it is a great start and one hopes that it will get everyone in the country to finally start following traffic rules.

With this initiative, the brand wants to prompt Pakistanis to change their unscrupulous attitude whilst driving on the road. It encourages citizens to be more conscious and considerate of others whilst driving.

Daily, thousands of citizens become victims of road accidents. While some suffer severe others may even lose their lives due to the irresponsible behavior of drivers on the road.

What is more, the brand has upped the ante by painting speed breakers in various cities of Pakistan to make them more visible and prominent

The long-term effects of the campaign are bound to be apparent. It is now going to be a wait to see just how long it takes for Pakistan to finally realize the importance of traffic rules, as we look to make the country a much safer place to drive in.