Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is not only known for his fabulous acting skills but also for voicing out his ‘unfavourable’ opinions over social media.

Always being targeted by the spotlight, he often finds himself in trouble over one social media outburst or the other.

This time around it seems like the actor has raised his voice against Physicist Dr. Hoodbhoy who shared his thoughts on the senseless Valentine’s Day Ban in Pakistan!

Here’s what Dr. Hoodbhoy posted on Facebook!

While this is what, Hamza Abbasi replied to the Physicist.

“So Mr Hoodbhoy, U expect Molvis to teach physics & make rockets? Maybe if Physicists like U focus more on ur work rather than spending all ur time debating with Molvis, maybe U could help launch a rocket into space soon? Btw, Pak is planning to launch a satellite by 2020!”

The tweet by Hamza Ali Abbasi caused quite a stir over the Internet and Nadeem Farooq Paracha trolled Abbasi with this reply!

“Dear Hamza, if we can expect actors to teach us morality, ethics and piety, then why can’t Dr. Hoodbhoy expect molvis to teach physics? For heavens sake, get some filters, already.”

Ali Moeen Nawazish Talked about Hamza Abbasi’s Tweet against Dr. Hoodbhoy on Facebook!

“Hamza Ali Abbasi if this is the level of your Intellect then you are a pathetic disgrace.”

Whatever the Mann Mayal actor may have meant the reply, people believed, Hamza seems to be supporting the Valentine’s Ban and was bashed on social media about it.

Here’s what people had to say about in on social media!