Todays’ world thrives on technological advancements, unfortunately, a lot of people end up using these for illegal and immoral purposes.

A recent incident in a Levis store in Faisalabad has created an uproar in the media. A customer found a hidden camera concealed away in a cardboard box in the women’s changing room while trying out her purchases.

The troublesome news was covered in a report by News Channel, 24.

However, the Levis management has mentioned that they were not aware of these hidden cameras and they seem to have been put up in place by one of the workers at the outlet.

In a statement, the brand stated that a mobile camera was found in the changing room which was in-placed by one of the contractual workers; who was fired immediately by third-party staffing agency after this event.

“At Levi Strauss & Co., the safety and security of our consumers is a top priority. We were shocked to hear about the situation at our Levi’s Factory Outlet store in Faisalabad and are working with local authorities to investigate the matter. The two individuals involved were employed by a third-party staffing agency and are not Levi Strauss & Co. employees.

They no longer work at our store and have been terminated from the staffing agency. We take any breach of our policies very seriously and are working to determine how this happened. We will take further action as needed based on the results of the investigation.”

Following this event, two individuals working at the store – an assistant store manager and a janitor – were arrested.  The store was immediately closed and was inspected throughout for potential devices, which were not found.

The company is working with the local police department for further investigation.

Hidden Cameras found in Levis Outlet Changing Rooms!

It is unfortunate to see the international clothing brand became a target of such controversy, however, it is also their responsibility to ensure the workers have a clean background and should conduct regular store vetting.

The lady who found the hidden camera called the police and upon investigation, the outlet manager was later arrested and taken to the police station.

How to test for Hidden Cameras: 

1. Phone Signals

You should be having full signals on your cell phone otherwise a camera may be interfering with the signal

2. Two Way Mirror

Always check the mirror by placing your finger on the glass, if there is no gap between the mirror and your finger it means it is a two-sided mirror and there may be someone watching from the other side.

It is better to check your surroundings before you begin trying on the clothes in any trial room be it a local store or a high-end retail outlet.

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