Model-turned-actress Alyzeh Gabol has frequently made headlines due to her tumultuous personal life.

The latest chapter in her story unfolded when she welcomed a child with her second husband, Zoraiz Malik, who happens to be the grandson of the renowned business tycoon Malik Riaz.

The news surrounding their union sparked scandal, primarily because of Zoraiz’s prior marriage and the involvement of his mother in his personal life, including reports suggesting she coerced him into signing divorce papers. A video of him signing divorce papers also made rounds on social media.

Peace prevailed for some time after reports of Zoraiz’s family finally accepting Alyzeh and their child together.

A recent tweet has set the internet abuzz, alleging that Zoraiz has once again parted ways with Alyzeh.

It also emerged that Zoraiz intends to maintain relationships with both of his wives. Interestingly, the Malik family celebrated the first birthday of his child recently, but Alyzeh Gabol was nowhere to be seen at her own son’s birthday.

Who is Zoraiz Malik?

Zoraiz Malik is the Grandson of Malik Riaz, the owner of Bahria Town. Zoraiz Malik’s wedding with Zainab was all over social media.

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The couple also gave birth to a son but it became evident that Zoraiz was involved in an extramarital affair. To legitimize this affair, he signed Nikkah papers with Alyzeh Gabol.

His mother’s role in the controversy:

Alyzeh Gabol found herself entangled in a complex situation, as her mother-in-law did not approve of this relationship. The divorce papers were unexpectedly shared on social media by none other than Aasia Aamer, Zoraiz Malik’s mother.

She posted a collage of photos depicting Alyzeh Gabol signing the Nikkah papers, Zoraiz Malik placing a ring on her finger, and finally, the divorce papers. Her caption aimed to dispel rumors surrounding the situation.

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Several weeks into Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik’s divorce, Aasia Amir shared some derogatory comments about the model on her Instagram account. She posted screenshots allegedly indicating that Alyzeh had an affair in Dubai.

However, shortly after the pictures went viral, Aasia Amir deleted the post from her social media. Meanwhile, the model and Malik Riaz’s grandson shared a picture together, reaffirming their commitment to each other and their love.

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