Our apologies to all coffee lovers after this one video went viral! We’re just as disgusted as you all are, if not more. Currently, the promotional video posted by Bean Machine has everyone scrunching their nose in cringe and disgust. The video shows a customer presenting various demands and the barista fulfilling them in the most disgusting way possible.

Bean Machine is a franchised cafe, with shops in Fortress and DHA. The cafe is mostly known for its incredibly blended coffee. It’s not too sweet and not too bitter. Moreover, Bean Machine is widely loved for its comparatively affordable prices. If after a long day of fasting, you’re looking for something refreshing, you know where to go.

Furthermore, towards the end of the reel when the customer requests more syrup, the barista takes a nice sip of the drink to judge it. 

coffee store

It seems that Bean Machine has received some mixed reactions! Most of them seemed to have held their stomachs, trying to stop laughing. Others were absolutely disgusted on the other hand. They claimed that after watching the barista mix the drink with bare hands, they could no longer order coffee without entertaining this possibility. They’re just too scared to request adjustments to their orders now. 

The promotional video was worth the risk it seems. Bean Machine has become the talk of the town and many can’t wait to try it! Regardless, they did leave some people traumatized about hygiene.

Additionally, this scenario should serve as a lesson for any brand trying to currently promote itself. In such an advanced digital landscape, it’s very important to remain vigilant of what you’re putting out there don’t the internet, and how it might not work in your favor.