Asim Azhar Instagram

It’s a great thing to go on a social media purge every now and then. Asim Azhar, a renowned Pakistani singer, has removed all content from his account and has unfollowed everyone. Could this indicate a reinvention of the star? release of a new album? or a sign he’s going through something?

Asim Azhar Account

After making his account match one of a ghost, with no profile photo left either, he posted a story. On a black background he wrote, “To find yourself, you must lose yourself.” As if Asim bidding farewell to Instagram was not shady enough, the statement shared shortly after has made fans more curious. Everyone is anticipating what is next in store for him, or any hints for what he’s up to.

If what he posted indicates something, why is Asim on a journey to find himself? What could have pushed him to do this? And if he believes he must lose himself, then why? and also, how?

Asim Azhar and Merub Ali

A lot of fans are speculating that this has something to do with Asim Azhar’s engagement with Merub back in 2022. Merub is a rising Pakistani actress and has recently joined the television industry. The two of them announced their engagement with lively photographs. Since then, they have shared photos with each other from time to time, mostly at public events.

The two are truly a match made in heaven, and according to Merub, their engagement was destined to happen. Which is why Asim’s behavior is that much more concerning. By any chance, fans are wondering, has something happened between the two, and if so when will we get the news?

For now, we wish the Jo Tu Na Mila singer good health and prosperity. It’s important to understand that stars have a life of their own, aside from their career, in which they struggle and need their space.

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