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The fighting game community (FGC) has been buzzing with excitement as EVO Japan 2024 approaches. This prestigious tournament, known for its electrifying matches and global participation, is set to take place at the Ariake GYM-EX in Tokyo. However, there’s a somber note—the absence of Pakistani players due to visa issues. In this blog post, we delve into the details, explore the impact, and celebrate the resilience of our champions.

The EVO Japan Legacy

EVO Japan is part of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), the longest-running fighting game tournament in history. Players from around the world gather to compete, showcasing their honed skills and battling for the championship title. EVO Japan continues this legacy, drawing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Denied Champions Of Pakistan

Arslan Ash, a name synonymous with Tekken excellence, and the defending Tekken 7 champion, has secured the EVO title four times—twice in Japan and twice in the USA. His mastery of the game and unwavering dedication have made him a global icon. Yet, despite his accolades, Arslan faces an unexpected hurdle—visa issues preventing him from participating in EVO Japan 2024.

Arslan Ash won’t be the sole absentee from Pakistan. Atif Butt, hailing from Lahore, and Awais Honey from Gujranwala, also miss the high-profile event. Their reasons vary—Atif Butt’s visa application was rejected, while Awais Honey lost his passport in Thailand, rendering him unable to attend. Other notable Pakistani players to miss out on the tournament include; Qasim Meer, Hafiz Tanveer, The JON, Bilal and KHAN.

The Impact On EVO Japan

The absence of Pakistani representation casts a shadow over EVO Japan. Arslan Ash’s absence leaves a void in the Tekken community, where he has consistently raised the bar. Fans had hoped to witness his legendary Azucena gameplay, but fate had other plans.

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Arslan Ash and the other Pakistani players remains undeterred. He expressed gratitude to his peers who supported him during the visa application process. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, he sets his sights on EVO US, scheduled for July. The fighting game community rallies behind him, cheering for his triumphs and empathizing with his challenges.

As EVO Japan unfolds, we celebrate the spirit of competition and the resilience of champions. Arslan Ash’s and the other’s absence serves as a reminder of the complexities faced by esports athletes. Let’s hope for smoother visa processes in the future, allowing players to showcase their skills on the grandest stages.

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