Humayun saeed and saboor ali

Pakistani superstars, Humayun Saeed and Saboor Aly are receiving heavy criticism after their cozy behavior and inappropriate interaction caught recently. These mainstream actors met recently at Yasir Hussain’s stage play, and a video leaked. Fans haven’t been able to stop talking about it since then.

Here’s the video

Humayun Saeed and Saboor Aly’s Interaction

At the star-studded event of the stage play “Jaan E Jaan,” Saboor Aly shared a warm exchange with Humayun Saeed. According to most fans, the meet-up was a bit too warm. After spotting each other from across, he greeted her with a tight hug. But that’s not all. The tight embrace was followed by a friendly kiss, all captured by social media. The comfortable interaction between them is creating a crazy buzz online.

As with every little movement by celebrities, this video too is being heavily scrutinised. From their attitude to their dressing, every detail is being criticized. Critics are pointing out how Humayun Saeed and Saboor Aly are displaying inappropriate closeness in public. Especially considering they are both happily married. Or do we assume?

Fans are upset by their bold behavior and are also expressing disappointment in Saboor Aly’s husband, Pakistani actor Ali Ansari. Unfortunately, after this particular incident, the actors are being labeled as celebrities who are lacking grace and decency. Humayun Saeed’s fans particularly hold him accountable in the comments section of this video.

As of now, neither have had anything to say. As does most gossip, we’re assuming that this time again they won’t say much, and everyone will eventually forget this and move on to the next thing.

It is vital to mention here, that many believe otherwise. For them, it is nothing less than a friendly interaction between two colleagues, who have known each other for a while.

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