Currently, this new and creative method of making a samosa is going viral! In this simple recipe, we see a samosa being wrapped up most innovatively yet. Though the filling is simple, it looks nothing less than delicious.

Here, have a look at the recipe:

The filling is a simple mix of potatoes and spices. Boiling potatoes, mashing them, and mixing in spices. Now this may seem simple, yet you can never go wrong with it. As for the dough, it’s your casual everyday recipe.

What made this viral, however, is the way it is wrapped. Creatively, we see the dough cut into stripes and wrapped around the filling in a criss-cross manner. Making them look just as fun as they are delicious. Served with green chutney, it’s an absolute iftar treat.

Netizens’ Reactions To This Treat

It seems some are just completely weirded out with this. Not everyone understands the logic behind wrapping it so intricately when it’s just wasting dough. Others love it and just can’t wait to try it for themselves.

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