Saba Faisal

In recent news, Saba Faisal is currently being called out for her ignorant and misogynistic statement regarding sons. After the actress Saba mentioned that only sons bring you a sense of security, regardless of their presence, women in the industry have spoken against it. Starting with Hira Khan, a fellow actress, who was quick to share her disapproval on social media. 

Saba Faisal recently shared her sister’s narrative. Her younger sister had always enjoyed not having a son, given the difficulty of raising boys. Later, her husband passed away, and her daughters moved abroad for education. Having an empty nest, Saba’s sister struggled and at one point called Saba crying and shared how she felt alone and unprotected.

Given this, Saba said, “She was all alone, why? Because only sons bring you a sense of protection even when they are not physically there”.

Drama and Backlash Faced By Saba Faisal

Hira Khan was quick to condemn her statement. She took it to Instagram and stated, ” Stunned by the audacity and stupidity.”

Sadia Faisal, Saba’s daughter, jumped to her mother’s defense. She reshared what Hira Khan had to say, and added, “Everyone has a right to speak whatever he/she wants! And I’m stunned by your words! Have some respect for senior artists in your own industry. Thank you.”

Consequently, things quickly escalated and Hira Khan clapped back. She brought forward a prominent issue. “In a country where newborn babies are killed just because they aren’t boys, where women are already considered a burden, it’s not okay for someone as big as Saba Ji to come and say things like these,” she maintained. She then also added that her opinions come from a place of respect.

To clear the air, Sadia added, “You’re taking it out of context. What she meant had nothing to do with whatever you said! Peace please.”

To conclude the online feud, Saba herself weighed into this and said to Hira, “It takes a lifetime experience to understand this.”

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Mahnoor Rashid
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