Zahra Abbas, a differently-abled woman, expressed her dismay at Airblue’s alleged refusal to allow her to board a flight without an attendant. A requirement that was not disclosed to her when she booked her ticket. Zahra is one of Paksitan’s most respected motivational speakers and has used her perseverance and story to motivate others.

She’s highly talented as she completed her matriculation from Lahore Lyceum, receiving a gold medal as a special prize from CM Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. She later went on to complete her BBA Hons and MBA from Punjab University’s IBA Department

Recently, she shared her horrible experience while waiting alone at the departure hall, taking to Facebook and Instagram. She questioned the airline’s lack of empathy and understanding. While pouring her heart out, she wondered where the compassion was as she sat, longing to reunite with her 4-year-old daughter in Karachi. It is unfortunate to hear that Zahra felt heartbroken and overlooked as other passengers boarded the flight.

Everything Zahra Abbas Had To Say

She emphasized that beyond mere policies, there lies a fundamental need to acknowledge the humanity of passengers. Especially in situations like hers. She was not just a passenger but a mother yearning to be with her child. Despite her pleas, Zahra found herself left behind, forgotten by the airline staff. She appealed to the air hostess, Miss Hina Anwer, to recognize the depth of a mother’s longing and to show compassion in her actions.

As of now, Airblue has not issued any statement or clarification regarding the incident. This story highlights the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and the crucial importance of empathy and inclusivity in airline policies and practices. Zahra should have been recognized as someone beyond her abilities. She is not just a different abled person and did not deserve such inhumane disrespect. 

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