Alkaram’s recent announcements have left customers in a frenzy! Earlier, they shared on their page,

“We’ve made a legacy in the fashion industry for the past 14 years” and on their ending note they wrote,” It’s been a great journey as Alkaram Studio.”

Have a look:

Devoted customers are currently panicking and concerned. Alkaram was a go-to for many shoppers. A loyal clientele was what encouraged Alkaram to keep going all these years, dominating the fashion industry.  Is it perhaps just a rebranding?

Alkaram Clientele Responds

Here are some reactions we’ve observed under the post:

alkaram shutting down

Hilariously enough, most customers are concerned about their already placed orders, wondering if they’ll get them back, or even a refund. But beyond that, most have taken the comment section as an opportunity to praise Alkaram’s maintenance of its incredible work for 14 years. Some stated they were the only brand to not sell see-through fabric at the same cost as a kidney. On the other hand, many are confident this is just a marketing stunt to generate more sales.

Wait, there’s more!

On Tuesday morning, Alkaram shared an update with their fans and customers on their social media which pretty much answers all our questions! No, they aren’t shutting down. Are you relieved?

Alkaram sure knows how to tease their audience and well, we’re yet to find out they’re next move!


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