Pakistan captain Babar Azam has defended young batters Saim Ayub, and Usman Khan despite their recent struggles on the field. The captain praised their potential and talent, expressing confidence in their abilities.

In his post-match remarks after defeating New Zealand in the fifth T20I, Babar lauded the talent and potential of Saim Ayub, highlighting his ability to make an impact during the crucial first six overs of the game.

Despite Saim’s recent challenges, Babar expressed confidence in the youngster’s abilities, suggesting that all it takes is one standout innings to reignite his form.

Source: PCB

“Saim is an incredibly talented player. The way he changes the game in the first six overs is commendable. He’s struggling but I feel he just needs one innings to bounce back,” stated Babar.

“Sometimes you need to give some extra time to special talents like him. Hopefully, he will find his rhythm and do well in the future.”

With consistent opportunities but modest returns, Saim Ayub has faced criticism lately, having scored 219 runs in 15 innings at an average of 14.60 and a strike rate of 125.86.

Babar also addressed the progress of Usman Khan, acknowledging the hurdles the young cricketer has encountered. Despite his challenges, Babar noted Usman’s unwavering commitment and the promising signs he has shown on the field.

Source: PCB

“See, you have to give margin. Playing for Pakistan comes with its own pressures. I know that Usman has left so many things, so all of that would be in the back of his mind,” Babar remarked.

“But he has made every effort. Look, as a player, whenever you make a debut, you try to stabilize your innings, but he has shown the intent, which was also required from him. Performing is not in anyone’s control. On the day that it is your day, you will perform.”

During the series, Usman Khan batted in four innings, managing 59 runs at a strike rate of 122.91.

The victory against New Zealand allowed Pakistan to level the five-match Twenty20 International series in Lahore, providing a glimmer of hope and renewed determination as they move forward.

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