Atif Aslam On stage

More than often, die-hard fans lose all rationale and pull off the craziest stunts to grab their favorite stars’ attention. Particularly during concerts, we see news of the most random items being propelled onto the stage while they perform. Atif Aslam is the most celebrated singer in Pakistan. Currently, he is being praised for his exuberant behavior after a fan climbed up on stage as he was performing.

In between tour dates, Atif is currently visiting Bangladesh and will later stop by Nepal. It was nothing short of a heartfelt moment when Atif was singing ‘Dama Dam Mast Kalandar’. A renowned and very popular Sufi song in South Asia. During his outstanding performance, a fan broke barriers and climbed the stage.

How Atif Aslam Responded To The Situation

Though the details of what happened after this female fan made it to the stage, it’s safe to say that nothing about this was appropriate. It is appalling to see the encouragement of this type of behavior.

As a respectful and professional individual, it was no surprise that he responded kindly and calmly. However, had the roles been reversed, the public would certainly have reacted very differently. Moreover, if Atif had expressed his discomfort in the situation, he would have faced backlash and accusations for not being humble or appreciative of his fans.

From security footage and fan-recorded clips, we see the music phenomena hug his fan back. Unfortunately enough. It is public knowledge that no performer appreciates their stage being invaded, and no person likes the same for their personal space. We can’t imagine how Atif might have felt given his introverted nature and the general distance that he prefers from female fans.

After a brief chit-chat though, the fan was shifted off the stage and no one was harmed.

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