tiktok handswap

A new trend has taken over TikTok thanks to a 19-year-old Tori Pareno. The TikTok user shared a video where she has shown an illusion many have been unable to take their eyes off.

So much so, the trend caught the attention of many others and became a viral sensation in absolutely no time.

In a video with more than 8.5 million views on Twitter, it appears as if the Filipino teen is pushing her fingers through her hands.

Here’s the viral video:

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Previously in August 2018, a similar trend established by Twitter user @Kay_Dera has also gone viral.

Those who have not been unable to understand the trick have actually referred to it as magic and sorcery whereas the larger latter have understood how this illusion works.

Some TikTokers have given the hand-swap trend a little spin of their own as well.

Still confused about how they are doing it? It’s simple!

There are only 5 steps in creating the magic:

Step 1- Put your right hand in front of you, palm facing forward (away from you) and your left hand right behind it in the same position.

Step 2- Close the fingers of your left hand over the back of your right.

Step 3-  Let go of the front hand, and straighten the backhand while the front hand forms a fist. Repeat!

Step 4- Keep practicing!

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