Last night the news of Bank Alfalah terminating an employee for using offensive language took social media by storm.

Fazeel Tajammul, (former) Unit Head, Financial Reporting at Bank Alfalah, was reported by renowned journalist, Hasan Zaidi.


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It was observed that Tajammul repeatedly made irrational attacks and derogatory comments under various people’s tweets, also targeting the women and children in their family.

Soon after, an official statement from Bank Alfalah was issued, stating that the employee was terminated.

Social media is all praises for the bank’s surprisingly positive move.

Some are throwing more light on the issue after Alfalah’s decision.

While some are saying Alfalah has surpassed Scotland Yard in terms of taking action against hate.

Some are even saying they will choose to bank will Alfalah next time.

A corporate action of this nature has been observed for the first time in Pakistan, let’s see if the same action is taken against such behavior in the future.

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