Sudan began celebrating the ousting of their President, Omar al-Bashir last year as the military council and opposition groups agreed on a three-year transition to democracy, aimed at handing power to the people.

However, talks of that broke down in May, and ever since the Sudanese are on the streets, demanding the authorities to keep their word.

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Due to this, protesters are being subjected to extreme violence by the police authorities, and the situation is so terrifying that there is currently a blackout in Sudan with the following civilian calamities:

  • 500 killed
  • 723 injured
  • 650 arrested
  • 48 girls and women raped
  • 6 boys and men raped
  • 1000 missing

No western media is reporting on the massacre, so human rights activists have taken it upon themselves to talk about it, raise awareness, and stop it from being suppressed at such a large scale.

Pakistani celebrities have also joined the movement and are taking to their social media accounts to bring attention to the inhumane Sudan Massacre.

Mahira Khan expressed how heartbreaking she finds it.

Hania Amir requested people to raise their voice.

Armeena Khan posted a banner highlighting the issue.

Mawra expressed her grief, calling it an inhumane and ugly display of power.

Mathira posted the stats of the damage caused to help people understand the gravity of the situation.


We feel proud that the Pakistani celebrities are doing whatever they can in their respective capacities to bring light to an important movement, and hope that their efforts will bear fruit.

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