Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL) has issued an official statement in regards to the news of the coastal oil spill in Balochistan.

After thorough investigations and several questionings, it was found that there was no oil spill by Byco at Mubarak Village – Churna Island.

BEPA Director Muhammad Khan Uthmankhail confirmed this news and concluded that,

No Oil Spill from (Byco’s) SPM or pipeline has been observed

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The naval staff of the Maritime Security Agency in the area also confirmed that they had not seen any spillage from Byco. He even confirmed that BPPL was asked to temporarily halt operations for the investigation.

An official statement was also shared by the MSA also clearing BYCO from any spill.


Byco categorically denies any leakage of fuel occurred at any of its facilities as has been suggested by some media reports, which is verified by the abovementioned agencies reports as well.


Balochistan’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was ordered Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL) to halt operations after a social media uproar.

News and pictures about Byco’s oil spill from the coast of Mubarak Village to Churna Island were said to have caused severe damage to coastal life.

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