Pakistani eatery

These days, restaurants and cafes are making use of effective discounting strategies to lure customers.

We all remember how popular eateries compelled Pakistanis to cast vote in Elections 2018 to avail massive food discounts at their outlets.

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Brands even cashed on Coke Studio’s ‘Ko Ko Korina’ fail by offering foodies discounts for listening to the deadly remix.

Apparently, they are seizing opportunities-of-all-sorts to motivate customers to hit their outlets and enjoy the food.

Recently, a rising pizza outlet in Lahore has rolled a discount promotion that is receiving a lot of heat on social media.

Called Donjon Pizza, the brand is inviting students to earn a discount on their order at a price of bunking their classes.

It’s perfectly okay to bunk your class once in a while to enjoy DONJON PIZZA.

While the promotion became an instant hit amongst students, it received quite a flak from marketing enthusiasts on Facebook group ‘Khaldi Alvi Marketing Next’.

There was an outrage by the critics for the promotion gone wrong!

Point to be noted!

The question arises what morals are we imparting in our young generation.

A number of schools are located near the eatery and are bound to affect students for all the wrong reasons!

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Brands are always searching for new and fresh restaurant promotion ideas that will attract new customers.

However, they must comply by ethical marketing strategies to attract their target market. It is also their corporate social responsibility to instill good values in future generations.

What do you think about this promotion by Donjon pizza? Let us know in the comments below.