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The tax Amnesty Scheme introduced by the PTI government lately has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks now.

The scheme requires Pakistanis to declare their assets in Pakistan, for which they must first register with the FBR and become a tax filer, which is also one of the main motives of the newly introduced budget for 2019-20.


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The purpose of the asset declaration ordinance is to address the growing debt and any shortcomings caused by the previous year’s amnesty scheme by unearthing ‘property’ or ‘fixed assets’ and uncovering hidden income, sales tax, and other heads.

The Express Tribune spoke to KEWO Vice Chairman Jaffar Khan, who explained the need for awareness regarding the scheme in our country.

“Like traders, common people also want to declare their assets but they don’t know where to start. Although the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced convenient methods for people to take advantage of the amnesty scheme, people still have a lot of questions in their minds.”

These questions need to be addressed in order to ensure that this time around the scheme proves to be actually effective. Here is a guide on how to check your assets information on the newly launched web portals of FBR and NADRA.

The two government launched web-portals contain information about the assets of around 53 million people. They are designed to allow citizens easy access to their data in the government’s records so they can make the required corrections in case of any discrepancies.

In order to be able to access your data on these portals, you must meet the following requirements:

• Be a Pakistani National and hold a valid CNIC/NICOP.

• Hold a PTA registered Mobile number (for citizens living in Pakistan only).

• Have an email address (for citizens residing outside Pakistan).

• Have made payment of 500 PKR either through e-sahulat or Credit/Debit Card.

• Be above or 18 years of age.

The amnesty scheme has been drafted by the government in good faith and we hope that, with increased awareness on it, the government will be able to achieve the desired aim.

Have you registered yourself for the scheme?

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