cafe praha

White, pink, brown, green? Nah, too mainstream!

Now it’s time to tantalize your taste buds with the Black-colored ice cream, that is taking the internet by storm.

Caffè Praha has introduced this Black Ice Cream and Chimney Cake, known as the Blacream, a new mouth-watering item to their menu.

It looks so tempting that it will make you want to eat one right now!

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With Black Ice Cream and Oreo Biscuit on top, the chimney cone is filled with warm Nutella and nuts, that give it a nice hot and cold stir.

It takes up to 30 minutes for this ice cream to be made but the wait is worth it. It costs Rs. 450, which may sound a little expensive for an ice cream but it’s a must-try!

You must have seen at least one of your friends posting about the Blacream, that seems no less than a unicorn in the world of ice creams these days!

It’s trending everywhere, and people can’t stop posting their reviews about it!

A 10/10!

They think the 30-minute preparatory time is totally worth it!

Even though it’s a bit expensive, it tastes like heaven!

Some are ready to try it again if someone else is paying!

The rest think it just tastes like an ordinary ice cream but the creativity involved in its making is drool worthy!

This food innovation has been introduced for a short time so you better hurry up!

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