Nazish Jahangir

Pakistani television actress, Nazish Jahangir is popular for her roles across multiple popular Urdu drama series. Currently, Nazish Jahangir has turned her Instagram private after receiving backlash for stating she’d turn down Babar Azam’s proposal.

Nazish was answering questions on her Instagram when she came across a question that asked what she would respond with if Pakistan’s 2023 team captain asked for her hand in marriage. Nazish responded with, “I would have to excuse myself,” suggesting her answer would be no.

Here’s what Nazish posted:

nazish jahangir

Since this, Nazish has been getting trolled by Babar Azam fanatics. Which is quite unfortunate given the societal pressure women face. After a certain age, the consistent pressure to get married takes over and later, each person they come across has something to say about their status.

The trolling reached the extent that Nazish felt the need to make her account private to stop some of it. Hence, it is unfortunate to see fans trying to pressure her into changing her opinion about this when it’s only a made-up scenario.

Nazish Jahangir Trolled

nazish jahangir and babar azam

Netizens suspect that this was just a publicity attempt. As a repeating occurrence, many actresses use cricketers as a means to gain headlines and a spotlight. Perhaps Nazish was aiming for the same thing?

moreover, another thing many people seemed to point out was Babar being unaware of who Nazish is and what she does. However, its saddening to see that this was said to belittle the actress and make her feel small.

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