Teefa in Trouble’s power-packed trailer surely blew us all away!

Giving us a much-needed sneak peek to the actual story of this upcoming rom-com, the promo received a warm response from fans and critics!

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All set to hit the screens on July 20, Ali Zafar and Maya Ali’s debut flick seems ready to make it BIG in cinemas. So much so, the dazzling duo has kickstarted their promotions and are making their followers all the more hooked to the action-packed saga.

Just yesterday in a casual Twitter banter, the Teefa in Trouble stars dropped a MAJOR hint about what is next to come for their fans!

After the trailer, the TNT makers will be rolling out a dance number and we bet it will be super LIT!

Seems like Ali and Maya will be ditching the trend of cliched item numbers!

Maya Ali is super determined NOT to perform an item number!

We bet that the track will be the biggest NON-item number Pakistan has ever seen!

Is Chan Ve the name of the track? We are guessing so.

The idea of both the superstars showing off their amazing dance skills is making us super excited for the track.

Let’s take a quick throwback to Ali and Maya’s romantic couple waltz back at Lux Style Awards 2017.

The popular pair literally set the stage on fire as they swayed to the passionate track ‘Ishq’


Aren’t these two dance goals?

Maya has wowed us with her insane dance moves multiple times at various weddings!

But we think Ali Zafar has got to set up his game!


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Well, let’s see their spellbinding magic in the upcoming Teefa in Trouble dance track! We are sure they are going to rock all over again.