Shahid Afridi

The all-rounder cricketer, Shahid Afridi visited Jinnah Hospital, Karachi on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 and donated a colossal sum of PKR 2 million.

Shahid Afridi Foundation has been known to make generous donations on various occasions and they never fail to pleasantly surprise us. Shahid Afridi, on his visit to the Jinnah Hospital, was very upset on the state of affairs of the hospital and the conditions in which the patients were treated. He donated the money so that the patients can be treated in a well-equipped emergency ward.

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He also highlighted the below par performance by the Sindh Government and expressed his concerns regarding the well-being of the people. The cricketer-cum-humanitarian urged the Sindh government ‘to wake up and take notice of the problems faced by JPMC management and provide proper medical facilities to the poor.’

View Shahid’s picture from the visit below:
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