Ramsha Khan, in her recent interview, shared details about her funny addiction. In a show hosted by Momin Saqib, the actress was invited as a guest alongside Shehryar Munawar.

Ramsha Khan Is A Gamer?

Who knew Ramsha Khan would be into gaming to the extent that it would become her addiction? Certainly, we didn’t. However, the actress in her recent interview shared how she is a pro gamer and shared her views about her life prospects and what she would have been doing if she was not into acting.

During a discussion on education and learning Momin asked Ramsha “What would she be doing if she was not an actress?” The actress without thinking for a split second responded with ‘Game developer.’

“Definitely a game developer or a game tester. Because I’m either on set or at home playing games. It is a very bad addiction.” she noted.

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Sharing the details about her favorite games Ramsha enthusiastically noted that her favorite game is the immensely well-liked Final Fantasy XIV. She added that her family at home is tired of her addiction to video games She also added that she has been playing the game for more than five years and is a chronic addict to this game.

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