In a quite weird incident from India’s Uttar Pradesh state, a bride decided to call off her wedding with her would-be husband after discovering his educational background was lied about. According to Indian reporters, the groom’s family had misrepresented his education to the bride’s family before the marriage.

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The lack of social expectations from men has made this a common practice. More often than not, boys are taken to continue their father’s work without degrees or even basic education.

Bride Demands Recitation of Table of Two

Upon the groom’s arrival at the bride’s house with the wedding procession (baraat), the bride made an unexpected demand. Before proceeding with the wedding rituals, she asked the groom to recite the table of two. However, the groom stuttered and was unable to fulfill this simple request. As a consequence, her demand ended up exposing his lack of basic education. Though in the moment it might have seemed unexpected and of no use, it ended up highlighting something of great importance.

As a result of the groom’s inability to recite the table of two, the bride decided to call off the wedding then and there. And we wish more power to her. This event, which took place in 2021, recently gained attention on social media after a news clip resurfaced on Instagram.

The post sparked various reactions among social media users. Some found humor in the situation, while others emphasized the importance of honesty in relationships. One user humorously questioned who had learned the table of two after the incident came to light. Another user remarked that all boys should learn the table of two before attending weddings. Expressing concern, one user admitted to not remembering the table, highlighting the significance of basic education in today’s society.

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