Jannat Mirza the overnight TikTok sensation to film star has been eyeing TV dramas for quite some time now but apparently, she was scammed. Jannat Mirza, the renowned TikTok star with a massive following, has always kept her fans engaged by sharing glimpses of her personal life. She inspires over 4.4 million people on Instagram and over 25 million users on TikTok. While she made her film debut with Syed Noor’s “Tere Bajray Di Rakhi,” television projects have remained an unexplored territory for her, despite receiving offers.

Image Source: Pakistani Observer

Recently, Jannat Mirza candidly revealed the significant drama roles that came her way. She disclosed being offered a role in the widely acclaimed “Parizaad,” which was later played by the stunning Ushna Shah and turned into a sensational hit, as well as the character of Mashal in “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,” ultimately portrayed by the extremely talented Kubra Khan. Both dramas garnered immense popularity, boosting the careers of the actors involved.

Initially met with skepticism, Jannat’s claims prompted her to share concrete evidence in the form of WhatsApp messages, substantiating the truth behind her statements. Lately, Jannat Mirza has been going viral for her statements that have been circulating on social media. She also claimed that she was offered movies from Bollywood alongside Karthik Aryan. But first, have a look at the channel she exposed to prove to the fans that she was actually offered big roles in Pakistani dramas.

Now, the internet is buzzing with reactions to Jannat’s evidence, and here’s what people have to say!

Similarly, Jannat Mirza also revealed a lot about the drama industry and also said that she had a few scripts in her hand currently and is planning to work in the TV drama sooner or later mainly because it is her passion. Have a look.

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