Aroob Jatoi, social media presence and wife of a renowned YouTuber Ducky Bhai, has finally spoken up. She took it to platform X, formerly Twitter, and expressed her disgust at the situation at hand. Not long ago, the couple shared a video regarding the matter. They discussed a deep fake AI-generated video of Aroob circling the internet. And that they want to find out who the culprit is. Since then, many have been trying to connect the dots, hoping it leads back to someone. Wishing the 10 lacs offered as a reward go to them.

Aroob and Saad have been married since April 2022. The two have shared their life with their fans on vlogs. Unfortunately, this incident has hurt many hearts, and they haven’t posted since.

Everything Aroob Jatoi Had to Say

Aroob went on Twitter and shared her thoughts on the matter. She stated, “Heartbroken to see how deep fake technology can be weaponized to violate privacy.”

She further continued, “The fact that someone created a fake video of me naked is beyond disturbing. This is a reminder of the dangers of AI misuse.”

“We must urgently address this issue to protect everyone’s safety,” Aroob maintained.

The revelation that this had occurred came after Ducky Bhai uploaded a video on Instagram discussing the matter. Saad shared, in precise detail, how this uploaded video is AI-generated. He even showed the exact time stamps where you can see glitches. Moreover, he commented on how for the entire duration of the video, Aroob has a robotic expression, which is a consequence of AI.

To speed up this entire process of finding out who is guilty of creating and posting this video, Saad has shared an email account where anyone familiar with the culprit can share every shred of evidence they can find. As a reward, they’ll be given 1M rupees.

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