coffee w spring onion

Who doesn’t love a good coffee to-go in the morning? Be it the warmest cappuccino, or the sweetest latte, with so many options around it’s hard to hate it. However, this viral new trend in China, serving coffee with onions, will surely bring a frown to your face. After influencers piled up to try out this new creation, the videos finally made their way to us, and it’s safe to say that most of us are disgusted.

But this trend is no surprise. The Chinese cuisine is popular for the weirdest food combinations. Let’s not forget, that this is a country where pebbles and stones are considered a delicacy. That’s right! ROCKS. Stir-fried pebbles are actually one of their common street food meals.

Popular Reaction to Scallions and Coffee

As predicted the majority of the opinions piled under the post aren’t happy ones. Many have shared that this is just another example of the extreme lengths people will go to just to gain some social media buzz. Funny enough, someone stated, can you imagine how your breath will smell after this drink? and it’s true! we don’t want to think about it.

Regardless, many have taken a look at this trend with an open mind, and have considered that it’s best to share their two cents on this after they try it. If not that, many have shared that they’re fond of both coffee and spring onions and this seems like a decent combination that they would love to test.

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