female rally racer islamabad biker death
Image Source: Gulf Today

Car accidents are rampant everywhere and often truly accidental. However, hit-and-run cases are a malevolent force that grips Pakistan. Be it elite or the common man, the instinctive reaction is to leave the injured to fend for themselves once an accident occurs. The same occurred recently in Islamabad, allegedly by a female rally racer, leading to the loss of human life.

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The car of Female Rally Racer 

A speeding sports car near F-11 Markaz in Islamabad slammed against a motorbike with two young men. The sports car is being traced to the Pakistani female racer Salma Marwat Khan. The collision crushed a young man to death and left the other critically injured. The horrifying accident took place on Wednesday.

female racer islamabad biker death
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It is being reported that the female racer fled the scene after colliding with the motorbike, leaving the two men to struggle alone on the road.

What Has The Police Found?

According to the police, the two young men were brothers. One was killed on spot and the other is currently fighting for his life with critical injuries. As a result, there is no one to give a testimony at the moment. However, the on-lookers have narrated the incident which is why Salma Marwat Khan is being accused of the hit-and-run case.

female racer islamabad biker death
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After someone reported the incident to the rescue officials, they rushed to the scene and tried to rush the two to the hospital. The young men’s father has registered a case against the female racer because her irresponsibility has robbed a family of their son. The police have launched investigations.

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Case Proceedings

The father’s statement to the police says, “My sons, Bashir Ahmed and Hamza were heading to F-11 Markaz on their motorcycle when a speedy car, being driven by an unknown woman, hit them from the backside and escaped from the scene. Resultantly, Bashir Ahmed died on the spot while Hamza received critical wounds.”

female racer islamabad biker death
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He demands authorities to launch a full investigation that brings the culprit to justice. This will also be essential to ensure that hit-and-run cases are controlled in Pakistan. A benchmark or an example should be made out of this case. Simply being a renowned racer should not be enough to take a life and flee from the scene. We’re hoping for justice.

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