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Realizing that every community, every group, has a different set of struggles is the first step towards creating a better society. Initially, we only had police forces comprised of men. But then, learning that women might not be as comfortable getting help from policemen, women began joining the forces. Recently, we began seeing women-only police stations as well. Now, Islamabad Police is also making an initiative so that women can feel safer and empowered.

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Islamabad Police – Self Defense Courses

Islamabad Police is starting self-defense courses focused on women. These courses will start in October and the modules they will comprise are Physical training, Armed training, and Assault courses. The month-long course will be from October 4th to November 4th and cost participants PKR 30,000. Of course, this leads one to wonder that if I belong to a community that can set aside such a huge amount for just one, well kudos to me. But what about those who can’t. What about girls traveling in buses? What about girls who are sole earners in their houses?

How to be a part of it?

If you are residing in Islamabad and would like to learn self-defense skills, get yourself enrolled now. All you have to do is go to the Islamabad Police website and find the link for the form. Alternatively, you can find the link for the form by clicking here.

Steps taken in Punjab

Aside from the federal capital, numerous measures have been taken in Punjab for women. A case in point will be the anti-harassment and violence cell for women. Another point in favor would be the Women Safety App by the Punjab Police. As a woman, not only can you call for rescue through the app but also beware other women about the dangers of a particular area by rating it.

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While we need to correct the base issue, men and their egotistical sense of power over women, by being better parents to the next generation and self-defense classes are definitely a quick fix. Crimes may continue to happen but these skills will prevent the next Ayesha or Noor from being harassed or killed. Women will have the weapons and the courage to stand up for their safety.

Because if men will not give us the right to feel safe, we need to learn how to attain it.

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