Islamabad Traffic Police drones
Image Source: Arab News

The news that Islamabad Traffic Police were contemplating adding drones made to the light of day back in June. It is finally the time to launch it, as announced by the Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid. The launch will be held sometime this week.

Launch of drones this week

The announcement came during the press conference held on Monday. The Interior Minister said that Islamabad Police will add around a thousand personnel with the hope of improving security.

Adding, the minister said that the police department will witness the addition of a new security unit. This unit will have around 12 drones. The measure comes in light of aiming to provide a faultless security system in the capital city.

Federal capital, Islamabad

After the recent incidents happening in Islamabad (cases like Noor Mukadam), the news comes as a much-needed measure to tighten security for the residents to live in safety.

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Given how Islamabad Police has also introduced self-defense courses for women, it is clear that the authorities in the Federal capital are serious about the image.

Fake document ring

Other measures in the same trajectory were also discussed in the press conference. One of them was focused on the illegal and fake document processes in the country. He said that the government was planning to conduct an investigation against all those who were a part of the crime, especially the group issuing fake covid vaccination certificates.

According to the minister, there were several complaints about the dispersal of fake national identity cards. He said that the 136 officials stand suspended, 90 inquiries are being conducted, and almost 300 charge sheets have been issued.

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Plus, in order to make life easier for the citizens, he said that the passport processing time will take 24 hours for new applicants. Moreover, the emergency passport that can be issued in a day will now cost PKR 10,000. The ordinary fee charged for passports will range from PKR 5,000 to PKR 8,000.

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