Two siblings, who left their home in the late hours of Tuesday night, have been recovered safely in Karachi. The news of missing siblings took social media by storm after the family had posted a message on social media. While seeking assistance from the public to locate and bring back the children who disappeared from outside their residence in the vicinity of North Nazimabad.

After the kids were found, it was revealed by the Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Central Zeeshan Siddiqui that, according to the statements provided by the 12-year-old girl and the 11-year-old boy, they voluntarily left home on their own accord. The videos of the kid’s statement later went viral on social media where they shared that they left their house voluntarily due to mistreatment from their maternal side of the family.

“We left home voluntarily. We stayed the night at our uncle and aunt’s residence. Our maternal grandmother and aunt subjected us to verbal abuse and assigned cleaning tasks,” he explained.

“Upon encountering our uncle and aunt, we sought refuge with them, and they brought us to their home,” he further stated.

Take a look at their video below.

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The Mother Of The Children Speaks Up About Misinformation 

As soon as the kid’s statement went viral on the news outlets, the mother of the kids recorded and shared a message. While urging the media outlets to stop spreading false news. According to her, the whole case has been given a very different perspective as she shared her disappointment with the media outlets for not verifying the kid’s statement from the family.

“My kids were missing from the night and were found the next day. Nobody knows what happened to them. No one from the authorities asked the family about the incident and if you notice tone of the kids, it’s like someone urged them to make the specific statement.” She noted in her video.

While talking about the details of their family dynamics, the mother of the 12-year-old girl and the 11-year-old boy said that the kids are very well taken care of. Meanwhile, by no means kids receive any sort of mistreatment at my parent’s house.

“We have a maid at our house. Thankfully my siblings and my family take very good care of the kids. Every wish of these kids is fulfilled.” 

She further added, “The case is being mishandled by the police at the end even though they tried their best to find them.” 

“I request all the news outlets to kindly take down the video of the kids in which they are forced to make a statement which not true by any means.”

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