ducky bhai and aroob

Unfortunately, this news is nothing short of unfortunate. In a recent plight, Ducky Bhai has come forward to talk about a deep fake AI-generated video of his wife going viral. He was quick to take action when it came to his attention that an AI-generated video of his wife Aroob, was spreading.

Ducky Bhai, the stage name for Saad Ur Rehman, is a renowned Pakistani vlogger and comedian. He made a name for himself talking about popular trends in a comedic tone. Back in April 2022, he tied the knot with Aroob Jotai and the couple has shared their life since then.

What Ducky Bhai Had To Say

On Instagram, the couple shared a video bringing attention to this news. In the video released, Saad in detail shared the concept of Deepfake AI images and videos that can be generated. In the customized video of Aroob, Ducky Bhai in detail pointed out every clip of evidence that proved that it was fake.

He then also brought light on how the video that is circulating, is phone-recorded. The phone-recorded video in return is a recording of the AI-generated video’s projection. According to Ducky Bhai, all this is done to make sure the AI is difficult to detect.

In their video, Aroob sat by Saad and gave her two cents in between. Initially, she spoke about how she prays that no woman goes through this, and then later requests that whoever may come across this, kingly try to comment it’s fake.

On an ending note, Saad shares a Gmail account and announces he will award the individual who helps him find the culprit a total of 10 LAKHS. He promises to keep their identity hidden. Moreover, hand over the case to the police. But, as an award for sending complete proof, he will hand out 10 lakhs.

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