Over the past couple of days, Mere Paas Tum Ho writer Khalil-ur-Rehman has been in the limelight for all the negative reasons.

Just the other day, Tahira Abdullah zipped the writer Khalil Ur Rehman shut with her on-point speech on gender equality aka feminism.

Now, Pakistani celebrities and influencers have also spoken up against Khalil ur Rehman’s misogynist claims.

Last week ARY Digital aired a special episode of Mere Paas Tum Ho where the cast and crew got together to appear in front of a lucky audience.

However, Mira Sethi took it to Instagram to point out something Khalil had said on the set. In the clip, we hear him say: “Aurat fitratin bewafa nahi hoti, aur jo bewafa hoti hai woh fitratin aurat nahin hoti (a woman is not a betrayer by nature, and if she is then she is not a woman.)”

To this, Sethi shared a caption reading:

Men cheat: therefore men are human, fallible, CAPABLE OF REDEEMING THEMSELVES – please forgive them ⁣

Women don’t cheat: it’s not in their “nature” so when they do, they’re witches, outcasts, aberrations ⁣

humiliate them, drag them through the mud⁣

PS: women in the video are very visibly cringing⁣.

Influencer Maliha Rehman and celebs including Anushay Ashraf and Ushna Shah also responded to Mira’s post.

Do you think Khalil-ur-Rehman’s statements are justified? Or do you think he is definitely a misogynist?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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