Once you get the hang of technology and it surely becomes a boon for you.

Earlier in 2014 Whatsapp introduced a feature which has put many users into distress. This new feature enabled the users to see whether their messages have been delivered and seen by the recipients by displaying double-ticks in front of the messages and thus turning socializing into havoc. Grey double-ticks would appear when the message was successfully delivered which would turn blue after the recipient had opened the message.


For group chats, the grey double-ticks would appear after all the recipients had received the message, similarly blue double-ticks would be displayed only when all the recipients had seen the message.

This new feature put many users to dread and frustration. Sometimes people would not be able to respond immediately and require time to formulate an adequate response. But these “blue ticks” would leave message senders on pins and needles resulting in arguments and conflicts. I wonder how many friendships this feature has ended and lead to how many breakups over the time. Alas!

But behold! Now, you need not worry. With these few simple steps, you can easily overcome this mayhem. Whatsapp now allows you to deactivate the “read receipts” and turn off the blue ticks thus restoring your privacy.

  1. Update your Whatsapp to the latest version.
  2. After updating, open your Whatsapp.
  3. Open Settings and click on account settings>privacy settings.
  4. In privacy settings locate the option of “Read Receipts”, simply turn it off or uncheck it.


Note: You can employ this amendment only in Whatsapp version 2.11.444 and latest.