1959 Film 'Neend' Revives Noor Jehan and Neelo Begum's 'Kissing Scene'

A vintage video clip of the legendary Noor Jehan has taken the internet by storm. The iconic actress is seen sharing a kiss with another woman, Neelo, in a scene from the 1959 film “Neend”. This classic Lollywood movie, directed by Hassan Tariq, has once again proven why it remains a masterpiece, unafraid to tackle taboo subjects in its storytelling.

“Neend” marks a significant milestone in Pakistani cinema, being Hassan Tariq’s directorial debut. The film’s bold narrative features an anti-hero, a rarity in films of that era. The cast includes Diljit, Asad Jaafri, Nur Jehan, Neelo, and Aslam Pervaiz. The movie’s soundtrack boasts the iconic song “Akeli Kahin Mat Jana Zamana Nazuk Hai”, which still resonates with audiences today.

Social media users have been buzzing with excitement, praising the film’s daring approach to storytelling and the legendary actresses’ powerful performances. The clip serves as a reminder of Lollywood’s golden era, when films fearlessly explored complex themes and social issues. This scene has sparked discussions and garnered widespread attention online.

Interestingly, Noor Jehan and Neelo Begum portray the roles of siblings in this film, and the kiss between them is interpreted as a friendly rather than a romantic one.

Noor Jehan, known as the “Mallika-e-Tarannum” (Queen of Melody), was a trailblazer in Pakistani cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her on-screen chemistry with Neelo in “Neend” is a testament to their talent and bravery.

The resurgence of interest in vintage Lollywood films like “Neend” highlights the enduring appeal of classic Pakistani cinema. These films continue to inspire new generations of filmmakers, actors, and audiences alike, reminding us of the power of storytelling and the importance of exploring complex themes and social issues.