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Saudi Arabia is eyeing the opportunity to host some of WWE’s grandest events, with WrestleMania topping their wishlist. The kingdom’s desire to bring these spectacles to its shores marks a historic ambition for international entertainment.

Enhanced Partnership with WWE

The Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, Turki Alalshikh, recently disclosed to ESPN plans to bolster the country’s collaboration with WWE. This move is expected to be unveiled later this month, likely coinciding with the WWE King & Queen Of The Ring event.

Major News as Saudi Arabia in Talks With WWE to Host Wrestlemania
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While specifics of the enhanced partnership are yet to be revealed, Alalshikh expressed Saudi Arabia’s aspiration to host either the WWE Royal Rumble or the illustrious WrestleMania. Such a feat would be unprecedented, as neither of these flagship events has ever ventured beyond the borders of the United States or Canada.

The prospect of WrestleMania gracing Saudi Arabian soil may not materialize until 2026, as WrestleMania 41 is already slated for Las Vegas. However, the venue for next year’s Royal Rumble remains undisclosed.

Competition and Collaboration

Alalshikh’s remarks emerged amidst an announcement concerning a collaboration between Riyadh Season and the UFC, further solidifying ties with TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of both organizations. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia faces competition in its bid to host WrestleMania, with London, England also emerging as a potential future venue.

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WWE’s enduring partnership with Saudi Arabia dates back to 2018, marked by a controversial 10-year agreement with the Saudi General Sports Authority. Since then, WWE has staged regular premium live events in the kingdom, featuring marquee matchups and legendary wrestlers.

Notable moments include Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement to compete and hosting the largest Royal Rumble in history. WWE has also championed progress in female representation, enabling women to participate in events—a significant development since the partnership’s inception.

As WWE prepares to return to the Middle East this month, the prospect of Saudi Arabia hosting WWE’s major premium live events remains uncertain. However, the kingdom’s ambition underscores its growing prominence as a global entertainment hub.

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