Looking to lose weight this summer season? Here are some diets you might want to steer clear of in your journey:

1. Keto Diets

This diet focuses on high-fat, low-carb foods. But in Pakistan, where rice and bread are staples, sticking to low-carb foods can be difficult and, also pricey. Plus, eating lots of fatty meats and dairy might not be the best idea for your overall health.

2. Paleo Diet

This diet says to eat like our ancestors did, with lean meats, fruits, and veggies, but no grains or dairy. Unfortunately, a diet like this is hard to execute in Pakistan. We love our grains and dairy to the fullest. Getting special ingredients like almond flour can be inconvenient, also expensive.

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3. Detox Cleanses

These detox cleanses only let you drink liquids or juices for a while. They’re supposed to help you lose weight fast, but they can leave you feeling hungry and missing out on important nutrients. Moreover, fatigue and constant lethargy are not easy to tolerate.  In this diet, any weight you lose usually comes back once you start eating normally again.


4. Low-Calorie Crash Diets

These diets cut calories a lot to help you lose weight quickly. But they can slow down your metabolism, make you lose muscle, and leave you short on important nutrients. In Pakistan, where food is a big part of social life, sticking to a super low-calorie diet can be tough.

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Instead of trying these diets, focus on eating a variety of healthy foods and getting regular exercise. Keeping calorie count, and eating in deficit is the perfect way to go about it. It’s a better way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run. And if you need help, talk to a dietitian who understands the food culture in Pakistan. They can give you personalized advice to help you reach your goals.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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