In a recent social media incident, a woman caused quite a stir by labeling non-smokers as “losers” in a tweet posted with a photo of herself smoking. However, it was the response from a doctor that truly captured hearts and opened up room for an important conversation about the dangers of smoking.

The woman’s tweet, which read, “The smokers and losers (nonsmokers) what are you doing?” received backlash from many users who criticized her for promoting smoking and insulting non-smokers. Among those who responded was a doctor who shared a powerful message highlighting the harsh reality of smoking-related health issues.

Doctor Responds to the Comment

In his response, the doctor recounted the heartbreaking story of treating a 23-year-old girl who required a triple bypass surgery due to smoking-related complications. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing health over societal pressures and urged individuals to stay “losers” like the woman suggested and live longer healthier lives.


The doctor’s compassionate yet impactful response resonated with countless individuals on social media, collecting praise and admiration for his dedication to raising awareness about the dangers of smoking. Many users thanked him for his professionalism and empathy, applauding his efforts to educate the public about the risks associated with tobacco use.

This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the significant health consequences of smoking, not only for the individual but also for those around them. It highlights the importance of promoting smoking cessation initiatives and encouraging individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices.

It’s essential to prioritize our health and well-being above all else. Let’s learn from the doctor’s poignant message and create a smoke-free environment where everyone can lead fulfilling, healthy lives. As the doctor highlighted, secondhand smoke kills too, when you smoke, you don’t only harm your own health, but also those around you.

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Mahnoor Rashid
Mahnoor Rashid is a student with a love for writing. She is an eccentric artist, fond of Muslim architecture. Currently, as a freelance writer, she explores the latest news and the depths of Pakistan's history and culture, while drawn to marketing's intriguing nuances. When not writing, Mahnoor is found adoring animals.