Cheezious Donates Rs 25 Million From Their Every Order Counts Campaign To PIMA For Gaza

Islamabad – 9th May, 2024 – Cheezious, a proud Pakistani brand, partnered with PIMA in a collaborative effort to support families in Palestine earlier this Ramadan. As a testament to this enduring collaboration, Cheezious is pleased to present a cheque of 25 million PKR to PIMA, dedicated to supporting relief efforts for the people of Gaza.

The ongoing crisis in Gaza has deeply affected countless lives, prompting Cheezious to step forward with empathy and solidarity. This substantial contribution underscores Cheezious’ dedication to alleviating suffering and fostering hope in communities facing adversity.

Head of Marketing at Cheezious Zohaib Hassan said “We are honored to deepen our partnership with PIMA and contribute to the vital efforts aimed at bringing hope to the people of Gaza. At Cheezious, we believe in the power of collective action to create positive change. Our donation reflects our commitment to standing alongside those in need and making a tangible difference in their lives.”

This generous donation signifies Cheezious’ ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and its pledge to continue supporting initiatives that promote the well-being of communities in need. Cheezious extends its heartfelt gratitude to PIMA for their unwavering dedication and invaluable partnership in this noble endeavor. In conclusion, Cheezious extends heartfelt gratitude to each and every guest who graced our outlets, contributing to our monumental achievement. Together, we renew our pledge to effect positive change and cultivate a brighter tomorrow for all.