DHA Multan Unveils Pakistan's First 5-Star Golf Resort, Rumanza by Pearl-Continental

In a dazzling celebration of Pakistani hospitality and tourism, Multan witnessed the grand unveiling of Rumanza by Pearl-Continental, the nation’s First 5-star golf resort. This momentous occasion, held on May 4th, marked a historic collaboration between D.H.A. Multan and Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts by Hashoo Group, showcasing their dedication to innovation and progress.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed personalities, including Brig Ahmed Rizwan Ghumman, Project Director of D.H.A. Multan, Murtaza Hashwani, Deputy Chairman & CEO of Hashoo Group, and Bastien Blanc, CEO of Pearl-Continental Hotels & Resorts. A plethora of luminaries from Pakistan’s business and social realms added to the event’s grandeur, underscoring the significance of this endeavor.

Nestled amidst the serene surroundings of the D.H.A. Multan community, Rumanza offers opulent accommodations overlooking a splendid golf course crafted by the legendary Sir Nick Faldo. This course, honored as the Best Golf Course in Pakistan by the World Golf Awards, promises an unparalleled golfing escapade amidst breathtaking vistas.

The resort itself epitomizes luxury, boasting signature Pearl-Continental restaurants, versatile event venues, a refined Spike Bar, and premium leisure amenities including spas, salons, and fully-equipped gyms. With indulgent swimming pools, exclusive cigar rooms, and lavish suites, Rumanza caters to the desires of every discerning traveler.

The grand inauguration of Rumanza by Pearl-Continental signifies a remarkable milestone for Pakistan’s hospitality industry. With its fusion of luxurious accommodations, top-tier golfing amenities, and impeccable service, the resort is set to captivate both local and international travelers, solidifying Multan’s stature as a premier tourist destination.