Abrar ul Haq's 12-Year-Old Project Questioned by Mishi Khan

The entertainment industry is abuzz with the latest update in Mishi Khan and Abrarul Haq controversy. The two celebrities have been in a heated debate.

In a recent interview, Abrarul Haq claimed to reject a Bollywood offer to star opposite Katrina Kaif, citing a conflict with his personal code of ethics. Mishi Khan quickly took to social media, questioning why Abrar had kept quiet about such an “honour.” Abrar responded with a video, urging fans to focus on his philanthropic work rather than his Bollywood claims.

Mishi Khan posted a second video, accompanied by a mocking caption. She questioned Abrar’s motives for bringing up a 12-year-old project and poked fun at his stumbling over her name in his video. Mishi also accused Abrar of reading from a script and unapologetically defended her earlier remarks, stating, “Yes, I laughed at you, and I own that.”

The controversy has left fans and fellow celebrities divided, with some supporting Mishi’s right to her opinion and others defending Abrar’s philanthropic efforts. As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Abrar will respond to Mishi’s latest attack.

This has sparked a wider conversation about the entertainment industry’s values and the importance of respecting colleagues’ opinions. Whether or not the two celebrities will resolve their differences remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the popcorn is ready, and the show must go on.

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