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Elon Musk is venturing into clothing, and people are getting a kick out of it. The billionaire tech entrepreneur is selling short shorts now, and they sold out in minutes too. The red satin Tesla shots sure did surprise everyone, but they were a hit.

The bright red and gold shorts were described to be able to provide “exceptional comfort” on the website. Musk shared the link on his Twitter to nearly 37 million followers, and it sold out in less than 5 minutes. The ‘S3XY’ on the back are names of Tesla’s four vehicles.

How Did The Twitterati respond

People on Twitter with equal parts were surprised, humored, and excited. While some tweeted about how senseless this was, others jumped at the opportunity to grab them. After all, Musk is a businessman, and he knew how to sell shorts. With bright hues and the promise of comfort, naturally, hundreds were persuaded. There are many speaking about how Musk, once away, robbed the people, but others are too busy joking about it.

What’s The Story Behind The Shorts

Tesla did not venture into clothing as an expansion strategy. This was just another one of Musk’s unique digs that he took at someone. In the stock market, there are “short sellers” who place bets that a company’s share prices will go down. When they go up, they get slammed with losses. Such was the case last week with Tesla’s short seller. Tesla crushed his vehicle delivery expectations, which made his stock go to an all-time high. His market cap was brought to well over $200 billion. 

Moreover, the spike led to CEO Musk gain $1.6 billion to his net worth on Thursday. His entire fortune stands at $53.4 billion now, according to Bloomberg. Musk is also the 16th richest person in the world.

The shorts being sold by Tesla
Image Source: TMZ

So, in short, the short shorts were a jab at the short-sellers. 

The 420 Joke

The price Musk tweeted also has a backstory to it. He tweeted that the shorts were on sale for “Only $69.420!”

This was a direct reference to his tweet in 2017 that landed him in hot waters. In 2017, he tweeted that he was taking Tesla private for $420 a share. Although later, he confessed that it was a pot joke for his girlfriend, he got into trouble. The Securities and Exchange Commission was unhappy with him, and he had to pay heft fines and resign as Chairman.

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