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You are either a DC fan or Marvel, there is no third option. The two comic universes have established a pretty strong fan base. Those who did not know about them got to know when movies started rolling in. Hence, when their installments, be it comic, animated movies, or feature film, establish their stance on a controversial matter, it is bound to lead to broken hearts. DC Comics did something similar recently.

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Matter of Kashmir

The age old issue that never got resolved since 1947 was that of Kashmir. Promised to be a part of Kashmir as per the referendum and the evident Muslim majority, the ruler did not follow through and made side deals with the Indians. As a result, the whole of Kashmir became disputed territory. Some of Kashmir is occupied by India and some of it comes under Pakistan. However, unlike India, Pakistan always regards it as AJK (Azaad Jammu and Kashmir); territory with independent governing body. As a result, India is able to exert unsolicited power over Kashmiris.

DC Comics’ take

While not many international forums have addressed the sufferings of Kashmiris, DC Comics did through their animated movie, Injustice. A clip from the movie went viral where Superman calls Kashmir a disputed territory. Just this label was enough to express the DC universe’s stance on the matter. It sided with Kashmir and labeled anyone exercising rmed control on the rgion to be in the wrong.

Indian Twitter on Rampage

Indian fans were not too happy with it.

Ever since the clip made it to Twitter, India began with its AntiIndiaSuperman hashtag. They claimed that the movie was spreading falsehood about the country.

Some even said that DC should stop engaing in ‘private affairs’ of India. This is another evidence of how India feels ownership over Kashmir even though it did not choose the country.

They were also quick to cast extreme claims, top of which being DC comics funded by ISI and Taliban.

Safe to say, sentimenst of Indian extremists who are pro Kashmir-massacre were disappointed and have stated that they might not watcg any other DC movie.

Pakistanis seem to be having the time of their lives however. They are happy that the issue has been finally taken up on a platform that is seen and talked about all around the world.

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They clearly stand with DC Comics as India rallies to boycott.

We just hope that since India is overpopulated, and presents a huge chunk of market to the brand, DC Comics will not change the words or the narrative.

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