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People like to believe dating is very minimal in Pakistan, but that’s because their nephews and nieces don’t tell them about their kids, the cousin pact. Or sometimes, the children are good at hiding their relationships. Long story short, dating is very much present, and it comes with all its dating trends to Pakistan. A new dating trend in this drama is that of cushioning. Here is everything you need to know about it.

The origins of Cushioning

Cushioning revolves around the idea that one should keep their options open. But where does the idea emerge from? It appears from the concept that when a relationship is new, you don’t know where it will take you. You don’t know whether you will like them, whether they are your soulmates. So what if you let go of your one true love—that ‘what if’ is the origin of cushioning.

dating trend
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What does cushioning mean? – Breaking the term down

Cushioning comes from the word cushion. When people do not want to fall on something hard and hurt themselves, they place cushions to limit the hurt. Someone in a romantic relationship who does not want to get hurt in one relationship prepares cushions in the form of potential partners.

They text, talk, and flirt with other people, and sometimes even go on dates. And in these days, when there are many dating apps available, individuals who are prone to cushioning have better chances and opportunities for doing so.

Who is getting wronged?

The partner in the relationship who is giving his or her full dedication is definitely getting wronged. But the one who is on the hook, they are being wronged as well. All those hopeful messages, those flirtatious texts, makes one emotionally linked. And when that is broken, they are shattered, which happens almost suddenly because when the perpetrators feel like they don’t need cushions anymore, they throw them away.

And even the ones doing the cushioning have to relay their self to their current partner as well as to all other potential ones. Just imagining having to open up this much and leaving just a little so they are not committing to anyone entirely. It seems a whole science in itself, honestly.

dating trend
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But here is the thing we forget. If we don’t fully commit, fully invest yourself, no relationship goes further, be it your ongoing relationship or the ones with potential partners. So if you need counseling to get over your fears, do it and then get properly into the dating scene. Don’t lead anyone and keep them on a hook. Date responsibly!

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